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    Unhappy symptoms ..fed up!!!

    hello everyone i am still fairly new to this site but love it and thank god i have found it to meet so many people that feel the way i do that in its own just makes me feel so much better but i wanted to list some of my symptoms i get all of the time just to see if anyone else feels this way also so here it goes

    eye pain and pressure
    nose pain and pressure almost like my nose is going to bleed
    headaches/migraines/tender spots on my head
    shoulder/neck/back pain
    tired body
    chest pain
    no memory it seems like
    ear pain and fullness
    teeth pain
    abdominal pain
    rib pain
    racing thoughts
    i could go on and on and on i try to stay positive it is just so hard sometimes i know I'm gonna get better because i refuse to live this way i wont let this win but i have those days where i just feel like there is no hope its just constant just comes from nowhere i cant remember the last time i felt happy without forcing it i am only 20 years old and this is starting to ruin all of my relationship's its like i am so consumed by constantly trying to figure out what is going on with myself and my health that i just forget about everyone around me i don't even notice anything else its out of control i just wanted to share some of my issues i am going through with this thing they call anxiety i wish everyone the best of luck with their own fight against this and will pray for you all thanks so much

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    Re: symptoms ..fed up!!!

    YES welcome to the club. recognizing it all as anxiety is really the right foot forward. these are all very common, yet poopy symptoms. if you ever want to read about other peoples' experiences with them, use the search function .. i now only search my symptoms on here, not google.. just when i need to discuss with others what i'm going through. this site is really helping me work through my issues, in addition to therapy and CBT books.
    I pack my trunk, embrace my friends, embark on the sea, and at last wake up in Naples, and there beside me is the Stern Fact, the Sad Self, unrelenting, identical, that I fled from. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Re: symptoms ..fed up!!!

    hello! I know it's hard, but you must sit there and think "this is just my mind" and basically tell it to shut up really. You are right though, you will get better, just like we all will and can. I refuse to believe anyone is stuck like this forever, we all need help to different degrees and I'm glad you've come here to get it but just to make you feel better though i shall say that i do get:

    "eye pain and pressure" , "nose pain and pressure", "headaches/tender spots on my head" (i'm very lucky and have never had a migraine) "tired body", "chest pain", i also have moments i just feel blank and as if i'm not myself (but then I realised people ALWAYS have moments they blank, forget words, don't get what someone just said even though they were listening, days they can't concentrate etc), ear pain and fullness, teeth pain and i am right now suffering from a weird type of swaying feeling in my head which isn't quite full on dizzyness. just thought i'd let you know I have the same! As that always makes me feel better if you get really freaked out search it and see if someone's started a thread about it before.

    hope you get better soon!
    kathy xox

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    Re: symptoms ..fed up!!!

    Oh do I know how it feels to get incredibly frustrated with all of this! All of those things are common anxiety symptoms, but it's so easy to fall into panic mode anyway. it sucks! But the good news is, it's not dangerous!

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    Re: symptoms ..fed up!!!

    It is reassuring a little to see others. I too get frustrated with my eye symptoms. I get pain in the eyes, mostly left side, especially when I move it around. Sometimes, alot, and cheek pain on that side. Then, it will shift to the right eye a bit. I know that I clench my teeth, and that makes my teeth sore, and my jaw muscles sore, especially around and above the eye, where the muscles meet my bone head. I thought it was getting better, but not yet I guess. I too panic about it, and the more I think about it, the more sore it becomes. Then I rub my temples, and make it even more sore. Then my mind wanders, and before you know it, I have convinced myself that it is something horrible. I have never really had eye pain for 42 years, and now I have had it for about 4 months, off and on. I know that I strain my eyes, looking at computers all day. And I take Wellbutrin, and that is known to dry out eyes. My neck is tight, and sore all day.
    Eye Dr. couldn't find anything wrong, and my Dr. treated me twice for sinus infection. That seemed to help, but my eye pain is back now. Armani, do you know if you grind your teeth, especially in your sleep? I think, (HOPE) that is where my eye pain comes from. I worry about it all day too.

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    Re: symptoms ..fed up!!!

    I know exactly how you feel, i'm only 22 and at times i get so frustrated and angry that anxiety is taking over my life. Im constantly worried about the aches and pains i feel in my body and over analyse every detail. It does affect relationships, mainly because people are worried. My boyfriend is a great support to me but it does feel at times that hes so frustrated with me, i thought he was thinking i was stupid and weak until recently he admitted the reason it hurts him is because he cant fix things for me, so dont fret that you are pushing people away or you're a burden, people who truly care will just be upset they cant do more for you. The best thing we can do is learn to dismiss these minor symptoms (easier said than done i know) as being down to our anxiety and nothing more, and hopefully in time they will gradually diminish and disappear. Its so tough but you just have to hang in there and tell yourself you arent alone and there will always be people around to help, we are all in the same boat eh and sticking together for support and advice is what makes you a little stronger everyday.

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    Re: symptoms ..fed up!!!

    yea i do grind my teeth i actually just found out i have tmj so my jaw is not in the correct position not fun and very painful but i just wanna thank everyone for taking time to write me it makes me feel happy so thanks so much !!!! have a wonderful day

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