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    the doctor has just swapped my pills AGAIN! lol I'm on 30mg a night. I took the first one last night. I felt ok after taking it but when i went to bed my heart started thumping in my chest and I couldn't go to sleep. has anyone else had this? does it get better? I'm so sick of changing pills and I want to give these a chance but I can't go without sleep as that always guarantees an increase in my anx and depression :(
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    hi Summer I have taken duloxetine/cymbalta for about six weeks. I was started on 60mg with a view to reduce the dothiepin that I was already taking. Unfortunatly I experienced severe side effects nausea and giddiness and my consultant thought this was unacceptable so I stopped taking it immediately. I had high hopes for this drug as it is a newer snri so works differently to an ssri. I think that side effects are to be expected when trying a new drug. Allow at least a month to six weeks before assessing any benefit from it. If sleepness become a feature of this new drug then I would ask the docs for something to help you sleep. Maybe you were nervous as this is something new for you. I wish you well with it. Try to allow a reasonable length of time before deciding whether it is working for you.
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    thankyou lol the only trouble Ive had so far is the lack of sleep but since my original post I've noticed another side effect...i was as high as a kite. i was all giggley and hyper :S really weird. its calmed down now but im about to take my dose so up i go again lol has anyone else had this??
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