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Thread: Better Help for OCD Sufferers

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    Re: Better Help for OCD Sufferers

    Totally agree with droopy gal ! NHS mental health is in crisis !

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    Re: Better Help for OCD Sufferers

    Quote Originally Posted by fretty freda View Post
    Totally agree with droopy gal ! NHS mental health is in crisis !
    Like she said:

    Quote Originally Posted by droopygal1 View Post
    The answer is simple. Invest more money and trebble the jobs for Chinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists.
    But where is the money coming from?

    I'm sure we would all like some more police officers too and better physical health treatments that are causing some to go abroad after raising charity money, our troops to be equipped properly, etc.

    This is the problem with people, they don't think about the bigger picture. AND I bet Tim Peake could hear the moaning in space if the government say 'Fine, we can fix all the problems in the country but we will need to add 5% to income tax rates'.

    Everything can be fixed if we pay enough money. We don't and we won't. Things stay broken.

    The answer is not as simple as is stated. And besides, we don't even see psychologists anyway, we see therapists. Psychologists are for the CMHT's, we have IAPT to get through first. IAPT came in to stop us even getting to the CMHT's in many cases, although I wonder how it has worked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Going home View Post
    Can I ask why OCD sufferers join a forum for anxiety and panic when there are actual forums dedicated to OCD out there? What I mean is that most of the people who find their way to NMP do so because they have either asked google for advice about health anxiety or panic attacks, or their doctors have recomended the forum to them. If I had OCD and I put that into google search, NMP would not be the first thing to pop up, surely forums specifically for OCD would? So why do so many find their way onto this one? This isn't meant to sound bad so sorry if it does but i'm just very curious about this. Given that Nicola herself recomends other forums that deal specifically with OCD where sufferers can talk to people with the same feelings, yet not many OCD sufferers seem to take her up on her suggestions...why is this? Threads that start with the title of " Unexplained dizziness...can you help me" or " Palpitations are driving me crazy" these I can understand for a forum such as this one, but when I see a thread titled "I have thoughts abouts having sex with a family member" well that is way beyond advice from most people here and as nicola says, surely needs specialist treatment.

    Anna xx
    That's a good example of ignorance of OCD. When mine started, as someone who's GAD started a few years before, I thought I was going crazy. I had always seen the media portrayal of OCD hence it was for people washing, checking and hoarding. OCD is far more complex and varied than this. Learning about OCD explained a lot of my current obsessions & compulsions at the time.

    So, consider the highlighted sections.

    - Health Anxiety. Well that's a fictional term, not a medical one, that covers various disorders and one of them is OCD.
    - Intrusive thoughts of that nature DO NOT mean specialist advice is needed at all, it's no more complex than many other areas of anxiety. It doesn't mean someone is more complex or severe, it's just the theme of their OCD. People can be severe in any theme and have it worse than someone mild in a form like this.
    - Whilst Nic's message is due to the forum at the time, a forum that is guided in nature means that the advice & experience comes from it's members, not it's Admins. Things change.

    Most of the OCD even now is HA based. The vast majority of the OCD board since I've been here has all been Pure O. There are many other themes which is rarely discussed, many of which I have had.

    Growing is good. Limiting is bad. The more we learn the better we become at tackling our anxiety. The intrusive thoughts seen in Pure O themes can be experienced by anyone, and as said earlier intrusive thoughts are experienced by all human beings and studies back this up. So, in having some people around who understand it, it only helps those with other forms of anxiety that start to experience them.
    For free Mindfulness resources, please see this thread I have created to compile many sources together

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    Re: Better Help for OCD Sufferers

    Hello i am recovering from a very serious bout of depression anxiety and panic attacks brought on by a very serious ocd episode I started taking 50g sertraline at the end of Nov 2017 the first week was horrific but by Christmas I started to feel better so I made a big boo boo by having a few drinks which set me back two weeks then at the end of January thinking I was full!y recovered had another few drinks big mistake set me back another two weeks...
    Just then the penny final!y dropped...THE DRINK CAUSED THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE l am not a heavy drinker but my friend and I like a drink every other Friday
    So I decided there and then no more alcohol. now I am 99% recovered I.e. the jigsaw is almost finished still a bit of anxiety but I am hoping it will fade....NOW THAT I DONT DRINK ANYMORE....message for everyone...alcohol is a depressant.....antidepressants are the if you drink the meds won't work will! Be in a no win situation aka defeating the object....the moral of this story is if you have a mental illness...never never never touch alcohol because the alcohol will? Always win....feel free to ask questions....
    Oh by the way by stopping alcohol I didn't have to up my dose still on 50g sertraline a godsend by the happy

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    Re: Better Help for OCD Sufferers

    This is a useful page I end up posting from a fair bit:

    I've found this a useful reference too:

    And obviously there is MIND too!
    For free Mindfulness resources, please see this thread I have created to compile many sources together

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    Re: Better Help for OCD Sufferers

    OCD is SO complex. I have had it for 26 years but after 5 years of exposure therapy I have almost totally won the battle with it. I no longer say I have OCD but it comes and goes and always will. I registered here because I am also a cyclothymia sufferer (so not bipolar enough to join a bipolar forum) with chronic anxiety on a daily basis. When I was young I was depressed. One psychologist told me I was traumatised.

    After a while I very naturally got fed up of labels and not knowing how to define myself and looked at the facts: I was often afraid of leaving the house. Most of my problems come down to anxiety. I don't remember a time when I didn't worry. Whether it is seen through OCD or otherwise isn't important in my view. I don't really look at categories anymore. I look at the person and I listen. I offer sympathy and if I can ideas. I don't see the OCD site suggestion as anything other than helpful and I would imagine that people are still welcome on NMP as OCD is really anxiety based. I would flit between the two according to the problems I am encountering! Although sometimes one may have bizarre obsessions and really feel like an OCD sufferer, on other days one may feel agorophobic, horribly anxious or phobic.
    I know few people who have only one problem. The important thing is to offer those the specialist help should they need it as yes OCD is crippling and I have only got where I am today through specialist help from a top OCD expert so specialist help is ESSENTIAL for recovery. It is VERY complex and very hard to get through without real medical support from a trained professional. It is however also important to accept that those people with OCD may slide between sites according to what issue they are tackling and to make them feel welcome. Find me an OCD sufferer without anxiety...

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    Re: Better Help for OCD Sufferers

    Questionnaire on O.C.D
    1.As an O.C.D sufferer which one of the following affects you the most?

    Germs anxiety organization

    2. have you had counselling for your O.C.D?
    yes no

    3. If yes how long have you had counselling for?

    0-2 3-5 5+

    If no how do you cope with your O.C.D?

    4. What type of therapy are you receiving?
    c.b.t person centred psychodynamic

    5. How has therapy helped you?

    6. what other strategies help? Sport socialising shopping

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