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    Random "tingling"/ "pins and needles" in my left foot/ hand -- help >.<

    I'm really stressing at the moment -- for the past couple of days I've had a constant tingling in my left foot - I just put it down to taking new medication (40mg propanolol and 20mg fluoxetine) but just today it has started in my left hand (not as much as my foot, but it is there)... I'm off back to the doctors on Thursday but my nerves are all over the place...

    Has anyone else had a kind of "tingling" sensation in their arms/ feet/ hands/ legs? It comes and goes but I've got this serious paranoia of getting/ having a brain tumour (ridiculous though it sounds) or having a stroke... My left eye twitches too which means it's all happening on the left hand side... Oh God I can't calm down for it

    Looks like another stressful night :sigh: :(

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    Re: Random "tingling"/ "pins and needles" in my left foot/ hand -- help >.<

    Yes. I have had tingling in my hands and feet many times. I sometimes add a magnesium supplement and B vitamins, esp. B-12. Mine has always been stress/anxiety related. Drink lots of water and add the vitamins. I know it sounds like an "aspirin a day keeps the doctor away," panacea, but it has always helped me. The fact that my hands and feet were tingling only added to the stress. This has happened to me many times over the last 12 years. It started when I was planning my wedding in 1997, and occasionally comes back in stressful situations.



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    Re: Random "tingling"/ "pins and needles" in my left foot/ hand -- help >.<

    the reason the b vitamins work is because the pins and needles only come about when you have low iron and are heading toward anaemia/iron deficiency...

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