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Thread: Abnormal Ecg

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    Abnormal Ecg

    hi all had 3 ecg and had to hospital to have another now am terrified as at first they said had had H/A but told me to wait for blood results then they came back and they said they were fine but they were concerned I had scar on heart from prev inciddent has any one else ever had this I am in high anxiety mode and cant get down

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    Re: Abnormal Ecg

    most doctors will think your having a Heart Attack when you are having a panic attack because it mimics the symptoms...

    it dosent surprise me you had an abnormal ECG if you were panicking...

    scar tissue of your heart is really nothing to worry about unless its causing you heart to not function properly...

    but at the same time you need a cardiologist to give you a definitive answer...

    you should get and echo and a stress test those are the best indicators of somthing is really wrong with your heart...

    but dont be alarmed you WILL NOT DIE FROM THIS ANYTIME SOON though if there are complications it could be potentially life threatening YEARS FROM NOW get it checked out you will be fine...

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    Re: Abnormal Ecg

    I understand why you are so anxious, but just try to remind yourself that there is nothing imminently threatening as they will not let anyone walk around in danger of illness. Also, you are in the best possible hands and everything will be checked out carefully and explained to you. There is no reason to think that a scar showing is going to cause problems....they just want to make sure of what they are looking at (might not even be that) and to give you the best advice and if needed, treatment. Please try to stay calm. Thinking of you and sending hugs

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    Re: Abnormal Ecg

    hi saw cardi and had blood taken they came back normal but scared the sh** out of me had panic attacks for over 30 years and never had ecg but changed docs 5 hours in hosp yesterday really scary and told me that befor bloods were done how bad

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    Re: Abnormal Ecg

    Had exray on lung there ok lol even though I told them I smoke told me to cut down on tea and drink more water and gave me 1 asperin a day a one beta blocker sololplol ??? havent got bot handy told these help panic attacks????

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