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Thread: This is driving me mad

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    This is driving me mad

    I am a ex smoker and my HA problems are relating to my mouth and lymph nodes.

    It all started 6 months agon when i found a lump in my moputh which was just a cyst. but ever since I have become obsessed with my mouth. I keep checking my mouth anywhere from 10 - 20 times a day. I find things that are not really there or are at least not a problem and get myself worked up.

    Ive been to dentist 5 times doctors 4 time and consultant once in the last six months about my mouth or lymph nodes.
    They always say the same thing there is nothing to worry about. Everytime i look at my mouth i find a new thing to wwrry about. For example I see a red spot that is actually just blood vessels. Why can I just stop looking and beleive everything is ok. I cant keep gogin to teh doctors/dentist everyting I notice somethign with my mouth.

    This is driving my insane and cant be easy for my wife to deal with. i just want to be stress free like i used to be. Im normally such a logical person and normally able to work through my problems but I find this all so hard to deal with.

    Any advice reassurance would be great

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    Re: This is driving me mad

    Awww sorry to hear you not feeling so good. You sound just like me when i first posted.
    I too suffered HA re my lymph glands. I was checking up to 20 times a day. My GP got me councelling and so far things have really been good. I will never say i am better but i feel 100% better than i did!!!!
    Have you just recently been through a period of intense stress??I found my HA was triggered off after a period of very very bad stress---well a house move that was chaotic to be fair!!!
    I can only reassure you and say things will get better. I too didnt believe 3 drs and blood tests and chest X ray!!!I still thought i had lymphoma!!!!
    Please mail me if i can be of any help but i would strongly recommend you ask your GP for councelling(I had CBT and it worked wonders!!!!).
    I also drove my husband mad with all the checking.
    Take care

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    Re: This is driving me mad

    Thanks for your post it really helps to know that someone else has gone through the sane thing and managed to get it under control.

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    Re: This is driving me mad

    A relative of mine was checking/worrying about things. He just did'nt want to get a tooth out initially I think there was an absess on it anyway. Anyhow, he kept going to the dentist for medication anything to avoid the tooth extaction. That somehow, led him to another phobia of checking things, he told me he was checking things up to 25 times, he was driving his family mad. He eventually, went to the GP and got tablets for anxiety and was sent for CBT as well. I know he told me he went for a good while and is completely ok now... Good luck and try your GP..

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