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    Hi guys i dont know if this is a new post or wether or not anyone has posted but i hope all in the usa are ok, take care guys our thoughts are with you!
    mel xx


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    Mel i hope they are and it is great to speak to those in the USA that need our support and even better to know that we have helped them.

    Love Sal xx

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    It really is horrible to see all those poor hungry people on the news. My heart goes out to them all..

    "Life is too important to take seriously" Corky Siegal

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    yes i have been watching cnn and fox news channels over the past few days,was terrible

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    Hi Everyone!
    Thank you very much for your posts! I haven't been directly affected by this, but it is such a huge disaster. There are people moving from LA all over the country. I understand our state is housing quite a few people.
    We are thinking of you too, with the bombings in London. I've been praying about that!
    Glad to make friends who care from all over the world!
    Thanks again!

    "Honey, if ya ain't feelin' the bumps in the road, ya ain't goin' nowhere!" (A wise Georgia Granny's take on living life to the fullest! LOL!)

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