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Thread: Medication is not a total cure - please read!

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    Re: Medication is not a total cure - please read!

    To me medication was a crutch I used whilst I accepted why I was having the symptoms I had. No doubt it helped me, but it's acceptance of why you are feeling like you are and dealing with this that is the real path to recovery. Acceptance and stopping being afraid is the key.

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    Re: Medication is not a total cure - please read!

    Hi i also agree that medication is not a cure however it helps you to stay on an even keel while you work on your problems. I have managed to continue working although it has been a major struggle as my work and my boss is part of the problem. I still have bad days and i am nausious most mornings but on the whole the medication has gave me a balance to get on with my life whilst working hard in the way i think and deal with things.

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    Re: Medication is not a total cure - please read!

    well done nmp , i think we have needed this thread for along time

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    Re: Medication is not a total cure - please read!

    This is an interesting thread. I wonder if medication plays different roles depending on what is being treated. Anxiety v depression v eating disorder etc. I took prozac for eleven years and the only reason I have stopped taking it is to change medication from one which was given for eating disorders to one that may be better for major depressive disorder and addictions.

    I debated this with my counsellor as some folk see medication as a short term fix to get people though a bad patch. But for some it is a long term help and I certainly see the medication I have taken as something more long term and that my brain is permanently lacking an element which medication gives it. My doctor said I had to face facts when I saw her, that I have had a depressive disorder for virtually all of my 42 years and that's not going to change. Sure pills are no miracle but if people need them long term, possibly for their entire lives then that's what they need. I would never hurry to stop taking a drug I found helpful providing I could deal with the side effects. For Bulimia and compulsive exercise disorder prozac was the wonder drug and it was miraculous to me. Edited to say I am back on prozac as my body dysmorphia came back within days of stopping it. For certain conditions I believe medication is a long term cure not a short term fix. For my body OCD prozac is a total cure and I hope to take it permanently.
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    Re: Medication is not a total cure - please read!

    I agree, completely, to everything Nicola has said. I find it very sad that I've now been on medication of different types for about 20 years. I used to get angry that the very first referral I had to a Psychologist ended up with me being taught relaxation techniques. And that was it!! (It was and is more complex.) But I sometimes think if I had persevered and practiced such techniques and really tried other things before leaping into taking meds with such readiness then I might be more adept now at dealing with difficult times, without having to rely on prescription drugs. Doctors are time-pressured with sometimes limited experience and resources on how to deal with such problems. Medication is the quick fix solution. Helped considerably by a multi-million pound pharmaceutical industry!!! And yes, medication can and does help ease suffering. But I agree, it doesn't cure the problem.

    May I ask Nicola what techniques and strategies you yourself have found helpful in your own recovery? It seems so often to be a mix and match of what works best for each individual.


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    Re: Medication is not a total cure - please read!

    Quote Originally Posted by nomorepanic View Post
    Melody - I totally agree that the medication provides short-term relief from symptoms but then you must work at the problem to get full benefit from it.

    I just want people to realise that it is not a cure as such and it can be a tough ride starting and then stopping the medication.

    It is not like taking an anti-biotic to cure an infection and then the infection is gone. Anxiety can be lifelong if nothing else is done to eliminate it as well.
    So glad you put this .
    I totally agree and thank you for posting I have actually just posted on a thread that after years of Anxiety and a fear of medication ( I mean years ) I have only just started taking meds but I also know having family members who have taken medication that it's vital to also have the medication walk hand in hand with some form of other support .

    For me now the time is right to try the medication but I am doing that along side therapy and self help and the help of many on this amazing forum .

    Hand in hand and one day sometimes one hour at a time is all we can do but your right Anxiety needs to be managed in many forms not just medication .

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