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Thread: Common cold - not common for me

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    Common cold - not common for me

    Has anyone had a common cold while they have had anxiety.

    I can feel one starting now and my chest hurts when I cough (tight chest, never good for me) My bones ache through and through which worrys me a bit more, my head feels woosy and I feel a bit spaced out which just adds to it and I feel like I cant breethe.

    I know its just a common cold of course but it just mimics my symptoms of panic and I know these symptoms cant be controlled or stopped by me.

    I cant take pain killers or anything because I have a fear of them and what they do to me so Im a bit stuck.

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    Re: Common cold - not common for me

    Hi Pk

    Anything that can potentially affect my chest worries me as I hate the breathessness that comes with anxiety/panic, and unfortunatey when you are continually anxious I think your general health suffers a little more than usual, so colds are very common. I also suffer from hay fever and this gets me agitated as it affects the respiratory system.

    Try vick, I use it whenever my chest feels tight. if I really need to take a pill, I either go and sit in my car outside the doctors surgery or sit quiety in the waiting room. They know about my fear of medication and are more than happy for me to be there. Should I have any problems (which logically I know I wont) , then everything that I would need is there. I find that after I have taken the pills a few times I am then ok to take them at home.

    Hope you feel better soon

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    Re: Common cold - not common for me

    dont worry its a cold,, its just when we have ancxity everything we get makes us think the worst, so dont worry dont e afraid of paracetamol they cant harm you ,,i was a nurse beli eve me my friend

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