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Thread: Inositol

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    Been reading a few topics about this and thought I might as well try it as Ive tried everything else with no hope.

    I suffer real bad anxiety and panic attacks.

    Firstly can I ask what is it, I mean is it like a tablet or...?

    How do I take it and how much at once?

    And finally where can I purchase it or is it prescription only?


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    Re: Inositol


    need to go and buy this this to try this week if anyone can reply please

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    Re: Inositol

    I don't have any knowledge of it sorry but I just did a search and there are other posts about it so have a read of them to see if they answer your questions.

    If you scroll down this page as well there are similar threads at the bottom.

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    Re: Inositol

    I used to take Inositol. I bought the Inositol powder from Vitaminshoppe (but lots of places have it) and mixed it with juice.

    I think it might have helped me a bit. I didn't notice a super difference so that's why I stopped taking it. But it didn't seem to hurt and is probably worth trying.

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    Re: Inositol

    It's available in 650mg tablets and also in powder form. The powder form is very expensive but it enables you to take high doses. You can buy it from Holland & Barretts and you can also order it online from their website.

    Inositol seems to be effective against anxiety of any kind, panic attacks, panic disorder, restless sleep, depression and bipolar disorder. It has helped me in the past but I am not currently taking large enough doses for it to be effective as I have almost run out.
    Citalopram Survival Guide
    Inositol Survival Guide

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