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Thread: abnormal smear and hpv detected

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    abnormal smear and hpv detected

    Hi everyone,

    I am so scared. I'm 25 and have just had the results back from my first smear. It was abnormal and showed I have HPV :(

    Also I found out my ex cheated on me last year and I contracted Chlamydia as a result. I am so devastated that 1. I may be infertile and 2. That i will eventually contract Cervical cancer.

    I am just

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    Re: abnormal smear and hpv detected

    Hi hun

    Just because you have HPV doesent mean you are going to get cervical cancer.Lots of women have abmornal fact 1 in 10 smears is abnormal. They will probably just increase the frequency of ur smears to keep an eye on it. please dont worry.

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    Re: abnormal smear and hpv detected

    Hi hun, i read a stat that up to 70% of the population will have hpv at some point in there lifes, its no biggie and very common. What did they say you have to do now regarding the abnormal smear. You are in good hads they will monitor you yearly & it certainly doesnt mean you will get cervical cancer. Were you treated for the chlamedia? unfortunately sti's are so common and i have had one because of an idiot. Speak to you doc if your worried about your fertillity but i think you will be fine! xx

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    Re: abnormal smear and hpv detected

    Thanks both

    I had a course of antibiotics for chlamydia but worried its not gone away!

    HPV scares me beacuse i have low immune system and apparently it has to be strong to fight off the virus.
    Plus I really want kids so am thinking that I start trying for children sooner rather than later?

    Just all so stressful! Because of one stupid man..grrrr....

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    Re: abnormal smear and hpv detected

    thanks for all advice everyone. I have to go back for another smear in 6 months to see if it settles down. I'm going to speak to nurse about it properly tonight. Just remember my mother in law saying only people with hpv are more likely to get cervical cancer!

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    Re: abnormal smear and hpv detected

    Laurat, after you being so helpful to me today re my colonoscopy tomorrow, at least I can give you some support too. Please don't worry too much about your result, I had one come back like yours about 6 years ago and I went back after 6 months and it had cleared, as the majority do. If it hasn't gone away then you will get prompt attention and it would be dealt with soonest. I have forgotten what the percentage is of abnormal smears, but I know it is pretty high and there are very few that continue to be "nasty". I agree with everyone else that has replied to you, that it doesn't mean that you will get cancer, it wouldn't be allowed to get to that stage anyway and you will be checked regularly for the rest of your life. Chin up, I know it will be a long 6 months till you get your mind put at rest, but I for one am here to gee you along.

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