40mg propranolo doesnt sound like to higher dose, my girlfriend takes 80mg in one go, but like anything your body needs to get used to it. Propranolo is a very safe drug, and well tolerated by most people.

Some will have problems with it like you are experiencing, Propranolol does make you a little tired and spaced out when you first start taking it, but if its really bad speak to your doctor. its not like an anti depressant it doesnt need time to build up in your system so you can stop taking it until monday when you can get hold of your doctor.

You could trying breaking the tablet in half and see if that helps with the feeling spaced out. I hate to say it but is there a chance that you are worried about taking it so once you do you make the side effects worse than they actually are. I only say that because I a veteran when it comes to tablets and I hate taking every single one, even paracetamol.

I even worry that taking vitamin suppliments will make me ill. I've taken them before then been convinced that they have increased my anxiety, when the reality is I have ingested no more extra vitamins than I would have done from having a few extra portions of veg!!

I hope your feeling a bit better now, just try to remember propranolol is one of the most widely used and researched drugs in the world, you will be fine with it. If you still feel spaced out after a few days, stop taking it and try something else.

We are all different and we all react differently to different things so its quite possible that you dont get on with this medication, however the alternatives can have far far worse side effects for some. Its also quite possible these side effects will resolve by themselves.

Hope this helps