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Thread: Is remeron a good med for me )please help"

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    Is remeron a good med for me )please help"

    Hi,im a 22 year old male who has been suffering from severe anxiety\panic attacks for aprox. 4 years.I have many phobia's ..Such as "fear of choking",driving alone exc..I just recent saw a psycholgist who wants me to take remeron.Im afraid to take it causei already have a problem with being tired and dizzy.I already take ativan which has appeared to be the most helpful med over the years but hasnt cured me.Any inforamtion on this med would be highly appreciated .thanks so much

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    Hey Justin

    I take mirtazapine which i think is the same as remeron. I have been on them for 6 months and have got on brilliantly.
    I did try other meds before these but the side effects were always too much to cope with.
    They did make me feel drowsy for the first couple of weeks but as you take them at night time it isnt really an issue.

    I hope this helps!

    tracy x x

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    I am on Mirtazipine too.

    Help terrifically with sleeping. Have been on them since december - no real probs. Was on them mainly due to depression. Anxiety has got worse but am pretty sure it isnt to do with these.

    I get on fine with being on them.

    Tatty B xx

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    I have remron as a "In case of Emergency" Pill. I have never used it yet.

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