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    The "Goodnight & Goodmorning" Thread.

    Don't know if there's ever been one but I thought I'd start one as it would seem rude of me to just sign off without saying bye when spending half the night playing games or posting, so I'm saying bye all and especially to Phil for keeping me very amused, it was fun!

    Cheers and talk later

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    Re: The "Goodnight & Goodmorning" Thread.

    This is a great place to be in the wee small hours when sleep eludes. Thanks to everyone who's kept me going at those times.

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    Re: The "Goodnight & Goodmorning" Thread.

    Good morning all

    And may the bird of bird of paradise fly up all your noses
    Never trust a man, who when left alone in a room with a tea cosey... Doesn't try it on

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    Re: The "Goodnight & Goodmorning" Thread.

    Good morning everyone - what a great way to start the day, having a laugh at some awful jokes lol. Thanks!! (I can't get those ducks out of my head - one in the bar and the rest in the pick-up van wearing sunglasses - oooerrr!!)


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    Re: The "Goodnight & Goodmorning" Thread.

    Good morning to you all, another fine day here in Liverpool but unfortunately storms promised later!
    Yes Wendy the jokes are awful but dont you just love them?
    Best wishes

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