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Thread: IBS symptoms list.

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    Re: IBS symptoms list.

    Blimey! I wrote this original post 6 years ago and in a strange way, it is kind of comforting when I get these horrible symptoms again! Having been largely symptom free for a year or so, bar the odd few days, the old IBS symptoms have reared their ugly head!
    I have abdominal pain that moves from up under my ribs, across my tummy button and down the left hand side. I have awful wind and bloatedness and a that horrible rectal pressure. I feel sluggish and uncomfortable.
    A friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer and I think that has caused my health anxiety to kick start again. But I have to keep reminding myself that I have been here before many times and I have no red flag symptoms.
    I hope you are all feeling ok but if you want to share any symptoms of IBS, please feel free here x
    Jo xx

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    Re: IBS symptoms list.

    My IBS symptoms aren't really that bad, I have my good days and my bad days.

    Main symptoms for me are:

    Pain both upper and lower abdominal pain - it doesn't really affect my life I just get on with it.

    Bowel Movements - I dont suffer from full blown D, they just happen quick when I sit down and they are softer than they once were. However I think stress has a big part to play in mine as since my HA started I have been terrible with my IBS but when I am not worried I do have normal Bowl Movements (this isn't very often)

    Thats it really, I had a couple of physical examinations. Blood tests as well as well a stool sample nothing out the ordinary just IBS.


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    Re: IBS symptoms list.

    My IBS symptoms have changed dramatically over the last few years. I used to be IBS-D, then it would swing a lot (IBS-A), and now I'm predominantly IBS-C. My HA doesn't help things as I've spent years on and off thinking the worst but my symptoms can get worse from time to time which leaves me questioning things occasionally. Also have possible IC (not yet diagnosed fully) which is very painful and doesn't help matters.

    Main symptoms:

    Bloating - awful, especially by end of night!
    Upper and lower abdominal pain and cramps - some times can be worse than other times.
    Rectal discomfort/incomplete evacuation - usually with constipation or just slow bowel transit in general. Sometimes because I think I have PFD which can cause difficulty in going a full BM.
    Acid reflux pains
    Bowel movements - Generally constipated lately, but still can get times when I have mushy sticky stools that are difficult to clean up!
    Bone pain?! Not sure if this is related
    Flank pain (pain around my lower back on the left and right sides)
    Sometimes frequent bowel movements still.

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    Re: IBS symptoms list.

    Feeling terrible today due to all these ibs symptoms:
    pain around right ribs
    indigestion that wont go away no matter how much water i drink
    i can go to the loo 5/6 times in a morning but still feel incomplete evacuation i
    suffer with terrible anxiety and take diazepam and antidepressants for it.
    Back pain which i get round back of right ribs,i look about 4 months pregnant at mo!
    I got some fybogel but i think that its made things worse today.:

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    Re: IBS symptoms list.

    My symptoms are:

    - Bloated in my lower abdomen
    - A feeling of being full of wind and gas.
    - Abdominal pain which moves in different places.
    - Feeling of muscle strain.
    - Stools of every different colour, shape and consistency.


    It's a real pain!

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