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Thread: My Emetophobia is taking over my life

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    Re: My Emetophobia is taking over my life

    Emetophobia is a fear of vomiting. Theres 3 types of Emetophobia 1. Scared of yourself being sick, 2. Scared of others being sick or 3. Both! - which is what i have.
    Because of the nature of the phobia you can also suffer Social anxiety/phobia where u dont wana be around people in case ur ill infront of them or you have a panic attack.
    Also some people get OCD where you are worried about germs,bugs the cleanliness of things etc.
    Some Emetophobes also tend to eat 'safe' foods for fear of getting ill i.e avoiding chicken and shellfish etc
    Why are you scared to leave your house hun?
    Agrophobia is a fear of open spaces.
    My GP is rubbish too and just kept prescribing me painkillers as i suffer with my stomach too! so i self referred to a psychologist altho they tend to be expensive. i paid £100per hour and then i paid £135per hour for hypnosis. Apparantly MIND (mental health charity) do offer CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) cheaply which is worth looking into. I also take Bachs Rescue remedy from Holland and barrett which calms me down.
    Hope that helps,Feel free to message me if u want to.

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    Re: My Emetophobia is taking over my life

    Quote Originally Posted by maeanna View Post
    I also work with babies as am okay with kids under 2 being ill but not over 2!!!
    What is it with that I cannot grasp the understanding. My pyschologist is often asking me why this is. I too worked in a baby room for 4 years and people would laugh when I said I was an emetophobic because they did not believe me with the fact that I worked with children, where the risk of them being sick was so much higher. I can cope with babies upto age of 2. Its crazy isn't it.

    beth x

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    Re: My Emetophobia is taking over my life

    LOL mad isnt it!!! I do still get palpitations when one of the older babies are sick but i can still deal with it and clean it up etc!!! so strange! my pyschologist was like "hmm why do you think this is?"!!!! i was like i have no idea!!! maybe coz i think my phobia started when my sister aged 3 was ill in the car over my friend and my friend screamed so maybe coz i never had emetophobia before that i associate it with the over 2s!!!

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    Re: My Emetophobia is taking over my life

    i have a really bad case of emetophobia, if u want to talk to me please elase please email me on

    i would really appriciate it if i could talk to some1 about the same feeling please please please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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