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Thread: fear of dying

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    Re: fear of dying

    This is the root of my health anxiety. It came on when my daughter was born because suddenly someone relied on me almost completely and that thought totally overwhelmed me. I couldn't stop thinking about what would happen if I was gone. Now, she's 5 and I still get this fear only it's both about how sad she would be if I died and also what a tragedy it would be to miss out on her life since she's such an amazing person. When I get into a big spiral about this, though, I try to think that if my fear is missing out of life/the people in my life then the best thing I can do is not waste time worrying about when I'm not here and start focusing on right now, when I am.

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    Re: fear of dying

    I think a lot of us on here have this fear which is inevitably the cause of our health anxiety. I don't fear being dead as such, there's either some form of afterlife (I'm agnostic so not religious) or you just kind of go to sleep. None of them seem particularly terrifying. However the way we are going to go and knowing you are going to go (ie being given a terminal diagnosis) are what I worry about. This seems like an extremely distressing situation. And the thought of not being able to see my children grown up makes my heart ache and I feel terribly for people in that situation.

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    Re: fear of dying

    Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain!

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    Re: fear of dying

    I have this sort of anxiety I often get like flash forward images of situations where I could die, some kind of thoughts about what happens or flash forwards of disasters and slipping away. Just wondering if anybody has had this sort of thing? It’s never like dying of old age it’s some tragedy with a loved on there maybe others can relate?

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