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    Feeling jittery.

    just need a bit of reassurance again.
    I keep gettin the feeling that i'm moving when i'm still. I feel really dizzy sometimes even when sat down on a chair or the floor. Its as though i'm swaying if that makes sense?
    Does anyone know the symptoms of an ear infection? I get achy spots on my face under my eyes and wondered if this could be sinuses. I went to gp a week ago and he asked me to close my eyes and raise my arms, palms up. Would he know from this test if i had an ear infection?
    I also get aches under my arms. I know there are a lot of posts on here about dizziness, but when i search i always get a "time out" warning so can';t access them![Duh!]
    thanx kt x

    Be gentle and you will need no strength, be patient and you will achieve all things.

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    Hi kt,

    It does sounds like it could be an ear infection. I have had many and I always feel like this, like I'm moving when I'm really standing still! Best thing would be to visit the dr just in case, it could be anxiety related though??

    Anyway, Meg is much better at pasting links but I'll have a go... hopefully this will be some good!

    [Link removed invalid url]

    (there's also links to other places on there)

    Hope this is useful

    Tam x

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    THanks Tammy ,

    Its good to see someone else making use of all the wealth of previous post experience

    Light Headed
    Light Headed
    Very dizzy
    help :(
    vertigo, diziness

    walking funny, head rushes and dizziness
    Left arm, left leg problems


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    Thank you so much for your reply. I have read through the posts and feel comforted knowing that it is as common as it is! thanx again, kt xx

    Be gentle and you will need no strength, be patient and you will achieve all things.

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