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Thread: Lexapro???

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    I just posted that I started Lexapo. So far it isn't too bad but shortly aftet taking it I feel very light headed and that worrys me SOOO I go into a panic attack. I have also noticed my mouth is very dry.

    I was wondering if anyone had this when they first started taking it. I have only been on it for 5 days. And how long until I feel so sort of relief.



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    My friend who takes Lexapro says to give it 4 weeks to really kick in. I take Buspar and Zoloft and it took me about 4 weeks before I felt any real relief. Give it time. I know it really sucks to have to wait, but you should feel some relief soon! Sorry you are having the panic!

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    Hi Terri
    I started it a week ago and was feeling like I was wrapped in cotton wool for the 1st few hours.Very tired on days 2 & 3 but am much better now.
    I saw my Dr today and she said it takes 2 weeks to get into the body and approx 4 weeks to stabilise properly.I have to see her weekly for 12 weeks.Is your dr monitoring you?
    I intend to stick with it as I believe the benefits will be worth it.
    I suffer from a fear of meds the same as you so I understand what it took for you to take the 1st one ( my dr was actually amazed I took em) but try to stick with it OK.

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    After waging a war within myself (I'm so sensitive to meds) I finally decided to start taking the Lexapro that my Dr. prescribed MONTHS ago. I started out on .5 10 days ago and just the past couple of nights went up to 3/4 of a pill and so far, so good! I do notice some anxiety in the morning but my Dr. told me to take my Ativan if that happens. I'm such a 'light weight' but so far this hasn't been bad at all. I was getting very tired the first 4 days and just took a nap. Do you take it at night time? That is when I take mine. You might try that. Stick with it. I did try Zoloft and Paxil and they gave me that 'wired' feeling and so I am quite surprised that I've stuck with the Lexapro. I had to do it MY WAY and maybe that is why it is working. I was a basket case with all the side effects that were listed, but I can honestly say that the Lexapro hasn't been bad at all......

    Feel free to PM me if you wish.

    Hope I've helped!



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    started lexapro 3 days ago, the back of my mouth is dry 24/7, making it difficult to swallow (although i think it's throat cancer). also, i've noticed quite a delayed reaction time when it comes to sex in one form or another, but i guess this is a plus for the ladies [:P]. finally, my palms are sweating like mad almost constantly and i get random blasts of nausea. i'm sure i could think of more but i don't want to bore anyone

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