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Thread: Scared of Blood Test Results

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    Scared of Blood Test Results

    Hi First time poster, although have read many of the reassuring advice on here.

    i've been having a burning sensation in my stomach for some about 4 weeks now, relieved by Gaviscon & i presume caused by too much wine.

    I'm constantly in a mild state of 'awareness' (usually negative) about my health for years, so it took me a lot of effort to luck up the courage & visit the doctor.

    He was quite reassuring & prescribed some acid blockers, but also wanted me to have blood tests done...... now i'm starting to panic.

    Obviously fearing the worse the Big C!
    I've got not real reason whatsoever to expect it, except i've always brusied easily (like for last 15 years, or as long as I can remember), now I basically cannot sleep at the thought of finding out i've got Leukemia!

    Over reacting i know, but need to get off my chest.

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    Re: Scared of Blood Test Results

    I bet he is doing the routine blood tests - read and white cell count, liver tests, maybe kidneys - those sorts of things.

    Probably doing it to reassure you more than anything.

    I bruise easily - have done all my life and it is nothing to worry about apparently.

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    Re: Scared of Blood Test Results


    Yeah my mum & younger brother both bruise very easily too - so i'm sure it runs in family.

    Hope this clears everything up for me, so I can stop worrying about my health, I just like to prepare myself for the worse - if like is the right word :-)

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    Re: Scared of Blood Test Results

    Don't worry, your GP is doing blood tests just to rule out any conditions that may be causing your problems, it doesn't mean they think you have cancer.

    I had lots of bloods done last year for stomach problems. I know it is worrying waiting for results if you are feeling unwell but trust me the relief you will feel, it is well worth it.

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