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    just started

    just started taking citalopram last night had some scary wierd side effects but im gonna try and stick it out see if it helps

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    Re: just started

    Hi rachelsarah,

    Sorry to hear about the side effects. My first night on citalopram was a rough one aswell. You've got the right idea though, sticking with them is the best option. We are all here for advice and support if you need it. I've been on them for 1 month today and I've got to say my anxiety has been significantly reduced, so it was definitely worth weathering the side effects storm

    Good luck, keep us updated on your progress.


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    Re: just started

    Hey rachelsarah,
    i have been on Citalopram for not even a week yet. They have made me very tired to the point where i have to have an afternoon sleep just to stop me from feeling tired. They have also made me feel sick, especially in the morning shortly after i take it.
    I am 18 years old and personally wish i wasnt the way i am. I dont know if there tablets will work but im going to keep taking them to see if it will get better.

    take care


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    Re: just started

    im on day 3 of cit giving me really bad headaches sickness and im at my tether with this headache but gonna try and stick them out for my myself and kids goodluck x

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