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    Xanax xr

    Hi, My name is Christie and i'm sorta new here but just a week before christmas my doc prescribed me xanax xr which is a new form of xanax that lasts all day. He also prescribed me celexa which i had been on for about 2 years prior and had gotten off of it this past september i did that because i wanted to know how i was without meds i had been on everything you name it i have tried it lol. but my panic would only come up once in a while and not severe so i got off of it, I didnt want to have to be on meds all my life i just thought i could handle my problems without meds. Well a couple of weeks before thanksgiving i woke up with a !severe! panic attack which i hadnt had for years apon years ever since then i had them everyday i was taken 2 or 3 xanax a day (which i know is'nt good) but it helped.Then when i started taking the xanax xr i started to feel better not 100% but a lot better i was reluctant to get back on celexa but i just did a week ago and i cant tell you how good the combanation is i feel so good still have attacks but minor ones which is better then a sever one! I know meds react diffrent for everyone but this seems to work for me and maybe it will work for you[:I]. And just so you guys know i would only recomend getting the xanax xr if you have health insurance (which i dont!) because it costs $160 or $130 a month i guess because it's new. well i hope my info helped.

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    Hi Christie,

    Have you been having CBT or similar therapy whilst on your meds ??

    These meds are mood altering drugs and unless you deal with the cause of it all once you come off them , if the issues still exist, the problems will reoccur.

    The new Xanax sounds great but over here in the UK most family docs are reluctant to prescribe more than a short course because of the addictive nature of them.

    Glad you're on board here with tips - thank you , they are all helpful to someone out there .

    Take care


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