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Thread: Quetiapine advice needed...

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    Quetiapine advice needed...

    Hi guys!

    I've put on 10 stone in 7 years, I'm now 24 stone. The first 5 years I was on Olanzapine 7.5mg and the last two years I've been taking Quetiapine 50mg at night.

    After about a year of taking Quetiapine, I started to lose weight which I was really pleased about. I was eating all the right things, so should have been loosing weight anyway. Just recently I have been noticing that I'm craving bad things again, just out of the blue; just like it was with the olanzapine. Needless to say, this is depressing me. I can resist most of the temptations, but when I can't I feel so bad after eating what ever it is.

    If I stop taking Quetiapine, will the weight start to drop off gradually? I'm getting myself ready for doing some serious exercise. I've just bought myself an exercise bike, which wasn't cheap; but I need to do something. I'm only 31 and really don't want to die an early death. When the weight was piling on, I really wasn't bothered; the only thing that mattered was that my head was getting better. If I forget to take the Quetiapine at nght I can't sleep. I'm also taking Citalopram 30mg & Propranolol 80mg daily.

    Has anyone come off Quetiapine and had any bad side effects? I am feeling pretty desperate atm and could really do with some advice from you guys.

    Any advise would be much appreciated,


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    Re: Quetiapine advice needed...

    Hi I came off the drug some months ago but am now thinking of going back on them to help with thoughts of how I feel which is now getting me down will start back on25mg twice daily

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    Re: Quetiapine advice needed...

    I'm same re yo yo weight. I think f we are truly honest it's about poor eating habits n lack of exercise. I blame meds stress needing comfort n just about anything than myself. We chose what we put in our mouths n if we eat junk then we will feel n look like junk xx

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    Re: Quetiapine advice needed...

    I put on loads of weight on this, as mentioned in another post. But I can control it better now because I am cycling, training and eating healthier x

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