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Thread: Ted goes to Norfolk!

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    Re: Ted goes to Norfolk!

    Quote Originally Posted by nomorepanic View Post
    Actually Els no - lol

    I found it very expensive and tacky.

    It was not what I remembered but I guess I am older now so things move on.

    All I wanted to do was see the sea cos I love it and we did that so I guess I achieved that at least. The sea is so lovely to watch I think when you are nowhere near it so never see it.
    I agree

    Tacky and rough

    We are getting old :-(


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    Re: Ted goes to Norfolk!

    oh alex and nic are getting old............nmp ted had a ball
    just look at him on the beach, bless him hope you bought him an ice cream....................

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    Re: Ted goes to Norfolk!

    Great pic's Nic

    I think Ted had fun, in looks like he's having a great time.

    ***We are getting old :-(***

    NOW THEN NOW THEN, take your childhood with you and you will never grow old.

    I went to Florida a few weeks ago and ohhhh boy, I felt like a child and acted like one LOL. I am 45 years young, LOL SO, start acting your shoe size ITS FUN.
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    Re: Ted goes to Norfolk!

    hi nic...
    lovely pics...
    i think those teds are the cutest and will get one as soon as i can... well when im paid actually so not for couple weeks.
    i had two of the original ones but i gave them away to friends who were having a tough time and one was off for an op... so they went to good homes and on an adventure but havnt got any pics.
    cant wait till i get one of my own...
    what a lovely idea posting pics though... makes us all smile.

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