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Thread: Breathing Rhythm?

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    Exclamation Breathing Rhythm?


    I woke up this morning noticing my breathing was quicker than usual, it wasn't a loud breathing. It was fain. It was like: breath in breath out. When really it should be Breath In... Breath Out...

    Now am sitting here trying to control my breathing, am freaking out. Am trying the breathing exercises, but I can't stop controlling my breathing. I haven't slept properly in days. Am becoming weak, my muscles are twitching, I feel dizzy. I don't know what to do anymore.

    Help me? Is this more than anxiety or is it all in my head? I've had an ECG and it came back normal.

    EDIT: the correct term is shallow breathing.
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    Re: Breathing Rhythm?

    hi carl def sounds like anxiety , im not sleeping well either and when i do drop off i wake up with heart going mad , try to relax i know its easier said than done im feeling dizzy also today lack of sleep can cause this aswell hope you feel better soon

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