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Thread: weight loss

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    weight loss

    I am concerned about my weight... I have always been pretty average weight. I always like to loose, but never NEEDED to. I was looking through some old records from an attempted diet and exactly 2 months ago I weighed 133 lbs. Now I weigh 123 lbs. I quit the diet after maybe the first week. So I have not been trying. I am just nauseous all of the time, and have no appetite. I try to force myself to eat a little bit everyday... I am so scared something is seriously wrong with me. I used to love to eat. This is not like me. Everyone keeps telling me how great I look, but inside i think i am worse than ever. Can anyone relate to this? Can this weight loss be totally normal? I am so convinced something is wrong with me. My dr. wants to wait it out... but that doesnt work so well with me. Any ideas?

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    loss of appetite

    If you're anxious it is normal to lose weight due to increased metabolic rate and as you already know - not eating.

    For most of us - this goes back on as we calm down and start to recover. I lost 2 stone when I was acute.


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    hi Heidi

    When my anxiety was on a high i lost loads of weight i was 11.5 stone and went down to 10 stone it worried me alot as i am not a person to loose weight, i to thought something was wrong with me when my anxiety was getting better my weight started to get back to normal again. So yes it is normal for your weight to drop try not to worry to much your weight will come back mine did. I am now back to my 11.5 stone

    take care

    feel free to pm me

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    hi i used to be 10 and a half stone a few years back. but then this started i went downn to 8.6 then have now gone to matter what i do the weight wont go back on...its right in saying that being stressed stops it going on cause when im nt so bad i put a few pounds on...hope this helps

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