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    Smile Quetiapine fumarate

    my doctor has just put me on Quetiapine along with 30mg of amitriptyline, 40mg of propranalol and 20mg of prozac [i was on 40mg before the quetiapine but im coming off prozac to go onto quetiapine]
    just wanted to know if anyone has been on quetiapine and what they were like for you



    26-08-09 07:46
    by tim73
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    Re: Quetiapine fumarate

    just started after coming out of hospital 75 mg a day working great stick with them.

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    Re: Quetiapine fumarate

    That's a lot of medication to take. I suppose it depends what you're taking the quetiapine for. I don't agree with doctors prescribing it for anxiety/depression because of the SE risks but if you're taking it for bipolar I/II etc that's another matter.

    I haven't ever taken quetiapine but I took amitriptyline for pain and propranolol which didn't agree with me at all. But I wish you well.

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    Re: Quetiapine fumarate

    im taking quetiapine for anxiety and it is the only med so far that has given me as much relieve as it has,also take ciprelex 10mg which once has taken affect i will then reduce the quetiapine,had gad now for 19 months and tried most meds and thereopy this is the one for me along with plenty of self help,dont forget the anxiety feelings are only thoughts let them in and deal with them.its 100% curable.

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