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Thread: 3 way hug!

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    3 way hug!

    Can I just give a big hug and an even bigger "thank you" to Shotoshanko, Madeleine and Luke1982 who were all in the chat room tonight.
    I'm sure they don't mind me mentioning that they have all been inpatients in mental health units at some point and Shoto has just come home today.
    They have put up with a ton of questions about what it is like to be an inpatient on one of these units and have certainly helped to dispel some myths about hospital treatment and the stigma that is attached to it.

    Loads of these to three special people.
    We will NEVER surrender comrade, remember always..actions speak louder than words!!

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    Re: 3 way hug!

    Aw ladybird that's lovely

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    Re: 3 way hug!

    a big hug to all of you and ladybird x
    if the shoe doesnt fit, its not your damm shoe.!!!!

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    Re: 3 way hug!

    Awwww all round

    Ive been in a psyc unit too!!!

    Luv Kaz x x x

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    Re: 3 way hug!

    Awww you lot will make me blush...I have never had so much attention lol. I think i will make a post about it.
    You know the people on this site are fantastic. Big thanks to ladybird.

    Kez xxxx

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    Re: 3 way hug!

    As I said in the room last night, I wish I had been brave enough to ask for the level of care the 3 of you did when I needed it - much respect to you all !


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