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Thread: Dr has referred me to a counsellor

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    Dr has referred me to a counsellor


    I went to my Dr's two weeks ago aboutmy anxiety problems. After weeks and weeks of putting it off, I finally plucked up the courage and went.

    Ive been suffering with anxiety for a long while but recently I the anxiety has become a lot worse and I panic about a lot of things that I shouldnt even be thinking about.

    After my appointment with my Dr and explaining I 'didnt feel real' and saying I was constantly tense, tired, worrying, thinking I was going mad etc, he has referred me to a counsellor.

    I am now starting to worry about my appointment with the counsellor. I was wondering if anyone else has been to a counsellor and could give me a little insight in to what the sessions will involve?


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    Re: Dr has referred me to a counsellor

    ive been to numerous coucellors in the past the first appointment will be going over old background usually and just for them to get to know you dont worry its not bad

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    Re: Dr has referred me to a counsellor


    Know how you feel i am halfway through a 6 week course of CBT
    The first session i was a extremely anxious about, but after 10 mins or so it was good to be able to tell someone face to face how i was feeling, my councellor is great she now has me looking at my fears from a different point of veiw and i can say i am finally on the mend.
    Please try not to worry about it as im sure it will help
    best wishes
    yesterday is in the past.... Tomorrow is in the future... Today is a gift, thats why they call it the present x

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    Re: Dr has referred me to a counsellor

    I have weekly sessions with a therapist and I can definatly say it helps no end! It is often difficult to discuss with those we love, how we feel as they cannot understand it. Seeing a professional is soo helpful, it is their job to help, and it is what they do best. Hopefully you will have your fears quashed and be able to live a happy life! Always remember, what scares and worries you - will often scare and worry someone else. You are not alone!!

    Good luck with it all!!


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    Re: Dr has referred me to a counsellor

    I've been seeing a pyschiatric nurse for the past 18 months, and its done me a power of good. Will they use CBT? kind of when you explain whats on your mind and pour it all out, then as she/he talks it back to you, in a more unjumbled way that makes you make sense of it all? Thats not a good explanation is it? sorry. If you find a good counsellor, it can be fantastic for you. See what you make of it, and if its made you feel lighter after your first visit, keep going back. My mind always feel free-er and clearer after.
    Good luck

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    Re: Dr has referred me to a counsellor

    My feeling about counsellors is that they get you to "talk" because often we keep alot of our emotions and feelings bottled which means we never get a chance to heal.

    However, don't expect them to provide answers to your questions or give reassurances because the point is to help you find the answers for yourself by making you think about the causes behind your anxiety.

    Often after a while the penny drops and you feel a weight off your shoulders because you've learnt to undertstand yourself so you can find the solutions to move forward.

    I think this is why counselling sessions are normally only offered for a limited number of sessions because I feel it's like finding the key and then it's up to the patient to use it if they feel capable enough.

    When the sessions ended I used to think "but I've still got to get on with things at home because nothing's changed" but I think that was because I felt I couldn't do anything about the causes to my anxiety.

    Rather like CBT. CBT "only" works IF the patient is prepared to put the therapy into practice but sometimes our fear or consciences can feel too intense to think of our own wellbeing.

    We all hold the "cure" in ourselves. It's nowhere else! What we do need though is the key to unlock it (which comes in various forms depending on the causes to our anxiety) and then being prepared to use it by not allowing our fears to stop us.

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