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Thread: My keys to overcoming anxiety/panic

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    My keys to overcoming anxiety/panic

    These are all fairly obvious but they've helped me.

    1. If you have to go somewhere/do something and it causes you anxiety, first go to that place/do that thing in your mind. Focus hard, try to forget everything else, and just imagine yourself doing every step of whatever you need to do.

    2. Remember that anxiety and panic are not concrete things, they only exist in your mind. As it is possible to further your anxiety by focusing on it, it is also possible to decrease it by KNOWING that it does not exist.

    3. If you're like me and have depersonalisation, always remember that you feel just as you should feel, only you've learned to tell yourself that you don't.

    4. When you face these problems and move toward the anxiety/panic and do so often, in time it will fade away.

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    Thanks for that so very true!

    Take Care,

    Love PIP'S X X

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    stress is a problem

    hi kroko how that help stress ?
    im new to this site ty

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    Re: My keys to overcoming anxiety/panic

    HI Kroko,

    I can relate to number 3. for different reasons. Living my whole life with depression, I have often cried without knowing why & had people question it. People would always ask "is that all?' I didn't used to be able to explain & they would treat me wierd so I learnt to cover up all of my emotions.

    By accepting that you are who you are, suddenly it doesn't matter if you're oversensitive. If anyone says you shouldn't feel so strongly about that, I can just say, well that is how I feel. Whether I'm over reacting or not, that's how that makes me feel because I'm a sensitive person.

    I think accepting yourself just the way you are is the key to happiness. We are all perfectly imperfect.

    Thankyou for your positivity


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    Re: My keys to overcoming anxiety/panic

    I have had panic attacks since I was 12 - 20 years!!!!
    I have spoken to soooo many "specialists" and they all say its in my head and only i can cure it. I need help..... wondering if i could be depressed?

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    Re: My keys to overcoming anxiety/panic

    Megan, anxiety and depression are different things but you could be depressed. The doctors are right, though. Whether you're anxious or depressed it would still be up to you to cure yourself - it's impossible for anyone to do that from the outside.

    That doesn't mean you can't ask for help learning how you can cure yourself, though. Have you tried CBT?

    Also, thanks to the initial poster. I agree with all your statements and perhaps Megan could use these tips as a good starting place to curing herself

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