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Thread: Moving house

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    Moving house

    Hi everyone. Just needed to share this. I have lived in this house for nearly ten years! I have painted it so many times the rooms are getting smaller! We have been through so much in this house as a family i could write an essay on it. I got used to having to trapse downstairs in the middle of the night to use the toilet.
    Anyway this house is actually rented, i rent it from the highways agency which makes me a crown tenant. Crown tenancies are a nightmare as far as housing benefit goes because the house is owned by the government. The house has three bedrooms, which is perfect because my two boys can have a room each.
    The downsides are that we live with slugs, and i don't mean the odd one i mean we are swarmed with them, in every room in every cupboard. The house is very damp and the back garden is unsafe for my children to play. I am also just about to start work and i will lose my income support, i will get some housing benefit but when i eventually go full time i will have to pay full rent of nearly 600 per month.
    So i decided to move. The council have given me many points so i can start bidding on their available properties. I am terrified! The area i live in now is private and it really nice and im really scared of moving somewhere i don't know. I already sleep with the lights on god knows what i will be like when i move, my OCD will be through the roof.
    This house is like my comfort zone, ten years is a long time. I realise its time to go and i am partly excited and partly really scared. I aint even been offered anywhere yet but im panicing just thinking about it. Does anyone else ever get like this over house moves?

    Kez xx

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    Re: Moving house

    Yes, i feel the same as you do at the moment as i am also hoping to move house soon. I say hoping because i've wanted to do it for a long time now but never had the guts to do it. Now that it's almost becoming reality i am terrified, like you said part of me really wants to do it but the other half of me is really scared and apprehensive about it all. It's fear of the unknown we all get it at some point in our lives especially when making big decisions and experiencing change in circumstances, moving house is a big thing to do so it's normal we feel this way. The only thing we can do to help ourselves is to familiarise ourselves with wherever we intend to move to if poss, find out as much as you can about the area and get to know ones beforehand if you can so you feel a little less nervous about the unknown. I also am viewing it as a fresh start for me and trying to be as positive as i can about the whole thing, i'm sure you'll be fine and i wish you and your family the very best. Let us know how it goes.

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    Re: Moving house

    Hi shotokansho. I have moved house cos I lost my job and couldn't afford the rent on the old one. It's been very distressing for me. I loved the old house, it was outside of the town so was quiet. The new one is in a housing estate in town. To be fair it's a nice estate in a quiet part of town but I still feel claustrophobic or something in it. I kept a key to the old one even though I know I can't just waltz in there now but it's like a comfort to tell myself in the middle of a panic attack that I'll go and stay there for the night. Not a good idea but I'm still struggling with the move. I lived in the old house for 3 yrs and spent two nights at the most away from it - that wasn't the best idea either! I do know how you feel though and I suppose the most we can do is just accept that this is how things are now

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    Re: Moving house

    Moving house is one of life's most stressful events, but it can also be quite exciting. It just takes a bit of time to settle but you'll get there. My house is up for sale just now and I'll hopefully get it sold and be looking for somewhere else soon. I'm a bit apprehensive but feel that it's another one of life's chapters. I really hope you end up somewhere nice and never look back.

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    Re: Moving house

    Hi, I know this is an old post but I have a question about moving house. I'm worried about the impression I'll make on the viewer of my flat. How important is it that you yourself make a good impression? Do people look for frienday swappers or do they just look at the place? Any help would be most appreciated. Becka x

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