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Thread: Panic Attacks but no ECG

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    Panic Attacks but no ECG

    Hi all, i have had panic attacks and on Citrolopalm for 4 weeks, however i have not had an ECG yet has anyone else not had one ?

    Will the doctors just let me have one if i go and ask, or do i need to tell them anything ? i have chest pain and common panic attack symptoms.

    The reason i ask is that i just feel this small chapter needs closing and once i hopefully get the all clear from the ECG then i can start to get better, does this make sense ?


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    Re: Panic Attacks but no ECG

    Yes it makes sense that you need medical reassurance that your symptoms are caused by anxiety. Maybe if you explain this to your doctor and tell him/her that you need your mind put at rest they will book you in for an ecg.

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    Re: Panic Attacks but no ECG

    thanks would you know how long roughly i would need to wait to have one done?

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    Re: Panic Attacks but no ECG

    well i went to the doctor lasts friday and im having a quick ecg next monday so about 10 days here... after that if nothing is picked up i may have to wait for an appointment at the hospital to get a halter monitor for 24 hours. From everything i've read even if palpatations aren't caused by anxiety they are usually very very treatable so try not to worry

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    Re: Panic Attacks but no ECG

    i get that ,its easy to get worried about it and hopefully the ecg will rest your concern.i had one and it read ok .try and accept it as a symptom and it should get better.

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