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Thread: Amitriptyline

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    Re: Amitriptyline

    I was put on them for TMJ, I started at 10mg, they do help with pain and they do calm you a bit. Until you get used to them you may feel a bit dopey next morning, take them earlier if you can. I really rate them to be honest, but I am on 20mg now. Every now and then I go down to 10mg and take a sedating antihistamine to calm me and get me off to sleep. That way I keep 20mg effective.
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    Re: Amitriptyline

    I may dropdown to just 10mg for a while as the only side effects I have had jumping straight to 20mg are headaches (gone now) but heightened anxiety, the one thing I am trying to get rid of and what all antidepressants cause me. So now I am maybe thinking I need to slow down to a real pathetic dose but have got to day 6 so it seems a shame if I only have one more week of this horrible nervousness. I had a bit of ringing in my ears too last night but without fail all these drugs make my anxiety a lot worse. I might try to ride it out and just see how I feel this time next week, I've not had any terrible panic attacks of anything just that annoying tingly nervousness that's made me a LITTLE weepy. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow so will ask his advise. He is giving me one Lorazepam a day but might ask for two next week, I need to get on an AD but they make me sky high for weeks, then I can go get help tapering off the benzos. I have done it on my own in the past but over the last5 years have been on Lorazepam more than not.

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