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Thread: advice appreciated please

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    advice appreciated please

    hi im new to this web site and not familiar with how to use it at the moment. Ive suffered with anxiety for many years and at my worst had agroaphobia. Ive worked hard at over coming my problems over the years with the help of a cbt course and reading self help books. its not been easy but worthwhile.

    Ive come to the realisation today that ive relied on family to support me more than i should have and hadnt realised i was doing so. My husband is going to work away next week and my daughter has gone on holiday. I feel anxious, panicky and tearful cos i feel im not as able to cope as i thought i was, im worried cos all the old feelings and negative thoughts have returned.

    I would welcome any advice on how to cope thank u.

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    Hi juls

    We just wanted to welcome you aboard to NMP. We hope you enjoy your stay here and get all the support and advice you need.

    Please take some time to read the website articles on the left as well for loads of advice and tips.

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    Re: advice appreciated please

    juls. Glad that you havefound us. You will find comfort and support here from people who understand. Don't feel lonely while your family are away, there are always people here to talk to.

    "Never wear anything that panics the cat"
    P. J. O'Rourke

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    Re: advice appreciated please

    Hi juls,

    when you feel like that, just come on and read, maybe go on chat room or just have a look around the site and read what other people have written, it helps me a lot, most time i just come on and read take my mind of and just know ur not alone at any time. tracy1 xx

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    Re: advice appreciated please

    Hey Juls.

    My names Ruby i am new too, i know how your feeling. Dont worry hun, i know easier said than done, my fiancÚ works alot now and im left alone so its very hard but you just have to remember, everything is going to be okay. Im just so glad ive found this website because i have a panic disorder. Hope we can be friends and chat sometime. Just smile it away.

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    Re: advice appreciated please

    Thank you for your replies it means so much to know other people understand how im feeling and have taken the time to reply. Ive read lots of information from the site which i have found useful i dont feel quite so alone now. I know this week is going to be difficult but im trying to keep myself busy and not to be too hard on myself . I hope to try using a chat room when im able thaks again juls

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