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    NMP Ted goes to Turkey!

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    Re: NMP Ted goes to Turkey!


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    Re: NMP Ted goes to Turkey!

    Aww they are fab, lucky nmp ted, looks like he had a ball.

    di xx

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    Re: NMP Ted goes to Turkey!

    Haha fab pics Di.

    I will move them to the NMP teds forum if that is ok.

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    Re: NMP Ted goes to Turkey!

    Great pictures Di,

    Hope you had a great time


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    Re: NMP Ted goes to Turkey!

    Lmao did you get ted tipsy? Fab pics

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    Re: NMP Ted goes to Turkey!

    Hi Di,

    I love the one of Ted on the lounger with a leaf over his you know what's lmao. That was great and gave me a good laugh.

    Take care
    Natalie x

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    Re: NMP Ted goes to Turkey!

    What a great start to the day, couldnt stop laughing, the one with the stall holder and him on a sun lounger were a hoot.

    Hope you had a good a time as ted obviously did.

    P x
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