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    Hi everyone

    This is a girls question for any one on the pill.

    Does anyone experience an agitated , adrenaline like feeling jittery feeling when they start their seven day break?

    I took last pill on Monday night and today i feel really jittery like im hungry but ive eaten a lot. Also I feel like i keep getting extra or missed heart beats.

    Just hoped someone might be able to relate to this or even if anyone gets this before their period without taking the pill.


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    Re: agitated

    When I go on my placebo week...I get "a little crazy" according to DH. I am way more agitated and jacked up and the worst is that I run a slight temperature which drives me nuts. I also have ridiculous cravings and eat like total crap. My anxiety is worse during this period too.

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    Re: agitated

    Thanks girls

    It does sound the same as the way I feel. Must be the way it is with anxiety as well.

    Thanks loads for answering


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