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Thread: Zispin (Mirtazapine)

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    I researched these when I was an inpatient at an eating disorder unit as the psychiatrist there wanted to swap my Zopiclone sleeping pills for this medication instead.

    The supposed theory was that this medication would be better for my insomnia but it is also well known for causing weight gain so I refused to take it. Other than that I don't have any personal experience of it. It is an antidepressant but whether it is effective at lifting mood I don't know.

    Karen x

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    Re: Zispin (Mirtazapine)

    Hell0. I have been on Mirtazapine now for 3 months, i take one 15mg at night before bed, they really help you sleep and you do feel alot more calmer and in control in the day, the only thing i would say is my appetite went through the roof, i feel hungry alot of the time and have put on a stone in weight. but apart from that they are great, do give them a go, and if i can help anymore please let me know. Jane x

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    Re: Zispin (Mirtazapine)

    Hi there
    I was on mirtazapine for about 8 months, they did work but i was always hungry 24/7 and put on soooo much weight, i looked like a barrell!!!!

    but not everyone gets these side effects hunnie

    good luck luv tracie x
    I CAN, I WILL , I AM

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    Re: Zispin (Mirtazapine)

    I am on Zispin 15mg at night and have taken them for the last month
    Must say they do help with sleep but I feel very detached and unreal and wonder if anyone else seems to be feeling this way
    Please let me know

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    Re: Zispin (Mirtazapine)

    hi everyone
    i was on zispin years ago omg i was off it, i was putting the washing up in the freezer the food in the washing machine, my hubby thought this quite funny, but i didnt.
    it is realy good for sleeping and a fantastic sedative but was not for me, i did find it good for panic but to strong, maybe my does was was to high, lol i know i was. stopped after a few days. i got kids to look after so i have to be on the ball. hope i have been of some help xtafflassx

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    Re: Zispin (Mirtazapine)

    I just had to reply to this thread but not sure if it applies anymore.

    I took Zispin to control my sever anxiety, it was brilliant I was asleep within 30 mins so always took them before bedtime, even if I had been out for a few drinks it doesn't affect you in anyway. Zispin helped me and gave me some of my life back but not all of it, also I still had attacks but not as many.

    I had been on Zispin for 2 years and decided it was time to come off, the doctor weaned me off but my god was it a nightmare. Sleepless nights, being sick every day, crazy thoughts in my head etc.... the withdrawel symtoms were awful and I just could not come off them.
    Eventually I had to go cold turkey and it was the most horrific experience, I could not go out of my house, I was off work for 6 months. I recommend this drug if you are staying on them for life but if not then I do not recommend them at all because you just can't come off them but maybe that was just me and my body as we are all different.

    I am now worse off than I have ever been because of the zispin I now have no life and wish I never went on them.
    Please be careful with this drug.

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    Re: Zispin (Mirtazapine)

    I also forgot to say my appetite increased, I went from a size 10 to 16, I was so big, if I could of knocked on all my neighbours doors for scraps I would of, I was out of control, Tescos was empty by the time I had finished shopping. Then when you come off them you spend then next 6 months throwing up all the food that you have troffed.

    As I say though we are all different as you can tell from the above feedback.

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    Re: Zispin (Mirtazapine)

    i have been on these since last year.they are wonderful.i used to wake constantly in horific panics but not now i usually have good nites now. hope they work as well for you.xxxx

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    I have had some good success with Mirtazapine. I was on 225mg of Venlafaxine for severe anxiety but as this gave me palpitations this was changed to 150mg Venlafaxine and 15mg Mirtazapine at night. The Mirtazapine sends me off to sleep after an hour and I have 8-10 hours sleep with no panics or terrible nightmares. Works well if you go to bed early eg 9.00pm otherwise I would feel dopey at 7am getting the children up.
    Been on this combo for 8 months and feel the best I have for 12 years. At last freedom from persistant anxiety.


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    Re: Zispin (Mirtazapine)

    Quote Originally Posted by nomorepanic View Post
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