As a sufferer/ex sufferer and working in mental health, I look for reasons why we have anxiety/stress/panic attacks/agoraphobia etc and the physical/mental symptoms.

Pre-mental health issues, something happens to our bodies before our mind is overloaded but it is such a slow build up that we dont notice it. The warning signs are there because our bodies are reacting in a different way and this is our body/mind telling us "Hey I am feeling stressed here I need you to take it easy" but most of us ignore these signs and keep going.

1. unable to get restful nights sleep
2. eating more comfort foods which are full of sugar
3.having less energy to take excercise
4. not feeling motivated to see people or get things done
5. immune system weakens
6. back pain, headaches, stomache and bowel problems

Sleeping well
Good sleep is essential but cam be the first thing to go when we're stressed and this leads us to feeling more stressed.

Being active
Going for a walk with a friend is a great way just to exercise and talk over things. Research shows getting out to a park can boost your mood/green is calming. For those with agoraphobia, believe it or not a bike gives you more control over how you feel.


Specific. rather than say I am getting fit, try to set small goals like maybe walking monday wednesday frieday and for those who cant get out, grab an excercise bike


Set goals that can be measured

Start small and set goals that are within your reach

Choose changes that make sense to you

Set a target date. Without one, its easy to put off making the change and remember to give yourself a healthy treat when you reach your goal

So get SMART