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Thread: Fear of writing in public!

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    Fear of writing in public!

    I don't really like going anywhere that I think I will have to write in public. My hands start to shake when I try to sign my signature and God forbid it is a form of some sort - a panic attack sets in. Anyone else have this one?? My handwriting was always very nice before and now it is like chicken scratch on a good day!

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    So good to meet you. I'm exactly the same! I also have trouble writing at home. People used to comment on my handwriting. Now it looks like a fox has got in amongst your chickens.

    I have notified the bank of my problem, as my anxiety was increased thinking that my signature was so bad my cheques would be returned.

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    i had to fill in forms at my daughters nursary i could feel my self getting hot theni was theni was shacking i the end my homestart worker took over and completed themfor me its a funny thing to be scread of doing but sitll its petrafting

    hope you are ok

    huggels hopers
    lost in life

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    This writing thing started about ten years ago for me, if i had to sign something in front of someone, i would immediately start shaking, the way i dealt with it was, if i knew i had to sign or write something out in front of someone, i would start up a conversation with them, about absolutely anything, i found that by talking to them it was distracting my thought pattern and because i had distracted them also, they weren't watching what i was writing but looking and talking to me instead.

    di xx

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!


    Maybe when you're writing in public you are conscious of the fact that you are going to have to remain in that situation until you have filled out the form/signed your name (obviously you could leave if you wanted to, but there is a pressure to stay.) This pressure could make even the simple task a challenge. This happened to me when I was signing out in the school office, feeling v anxious and just wanting to get out. My writing was a scrawl (I'm usually super neat) and just to fill in the little information required seemed to take ages, although in reality only took about 10 seconds.

    This may not be relevant at all though?! Does it have a large impact on your life, or can you manage it quite well?

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    I remember this first happened to me when I was at school and we had to write on the board in front of the class. I got over it but it came back years later when I had to write in public. It's the feeling that you're trapped and obviously for me memories of my school days.

    If I get it now I just slow down completely because the urge to rush makes me more anxious and guarantees that it'll return at another time. I think that doing the opposite of what your fear is telling you to do (ie rush and get away ASAP) breaks the pattern for me.

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    This is such a common problem. Infact I remember Richard and Judy doing an item on it on their show a few years back. I'm the same, whenever I sign my name in a shop it looks like a squiggle!! It doesn't remotely look like my name, it's as though I have no control over my hand!!!

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    Wow! Thank you all for this! You know, it is such a simple, easy thing to do but yet it can have such an effect on you. It does make you feel so "not confident" for the simplest things though. No one really understands when I try to tell them about it. I think I am going to take Diane07's advice and try the talking thing - if I can get over the heart beating wildly etc...
    Also - Maddie, the bank actually asked me to update my signature because the tellers couldn't recognize it anymore!
    Ahhhh.......I just want it to go away. I heard that taking B complex vitamins helps and am trying that.
    I love this site - it gives me hope.

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    Hello all,

    I dont know whether this thread is still live or not but anyway I want to say that I am also the one exactly like you.

    I am educated, I have my bachelors degree, i know how to write but when it comes to writing in front of public my hands start shaking, my hearts start beating 3 times faster than the normal beat rate. My handwriting gets so messed up that its hardly understandable. I can not even write my name and signature. I know its a simple thing and the source behind it is the fear inside me but still have been unable to conquer it. Like the OP said am always reluctant to go to public places where you have to write down your name and signature. I mostly either take my friend along with me whenever I need to fill up a form in front of other people or take that form my home back, shut the doors and fill it up lonely and then take back to submit it. I have rarely managed to fill up the form in public spot and then submit instantly.

    I am dependent on other people because of this fear, lack of confidence. Its hunting me. I just wonder how happy person would I be on earth when I could overcome and conquer this fear some day.

    Have any of you guys been able to conquer it within these 3 years?

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    hmm, sorry was confused on the thread date, will correct now

    *Have any of you guys been able to conquer it since last year?*

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