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Thread: Fear of writing in public!

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    I have the same issue and wondering how you guys are doing lately? This is something I cant just talk to anybody but someone who can relate to the way I feel. I'm hoping to communicate with you guys in a way that maybe we can help heal each other by thinking that we are not alone in this.

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    I get this too, at a local shop queue I was asked `would you like to enter our prize draw?` which meant just putting my name and phone number on a sheet but while I was writing I had a head rush and felt awful. soon as I left the shop I was fine. think its like anything else where we just need to breathe slow and allow ourselves time

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    I have experienced and felt exactly the same as yours. It's really a hindrance in my everyday living, I'm afraid to go to work because at my work I really need to write, for I'm at sales community, need to issue receipts for every sell out. I planned of resigning but is there a job that didn't need to write anything in public? Is there anyone here who have coped up already? But reading your comments made me sigh of relief knowing that there are also lot of people suffering the same as mine, I thought I am the only one suffered like this😞

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