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Thread: Fear of writing in public!

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    Quote Originally Posted by hopers View Post
    i had to fill in forms at my daughters nursary i could feel my self getting hot theni was theni was shacking i the end my homestart worker took over and completed themfor me its a funny thing to be scread of doing but sitll its petrafting

    hope you are ok

    huggels hopers
    I haven't been on here for a long time..but thank you for your reply. It definitely helps to know that others go through the same thing. I keep thinking I can beat this but I haven't and it saddens me. It is actually humiliating that I can't do something so simple. Have you had any good progress?

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    Quote Originally Posted by maddie View Post
    So good to meet you. I'm exactly the same! I also have trouble writing at home. People used to comment on my handwriting. Now it looks like a fox has got in amongst your chickens.

    I have notified the bank of my problem, as my anxiety was increased thinking that my signature was so bad my cheques would be returned.
    Yah...the bank had to go and verify my signature and make me redo the papers to show the new one. So different!!!

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    It actually does have a fairly big impact on my life because I am a clerk who deals with the public all day. Most times I can just tell them that I will fill everything out and get back to them but every once in a while it has to be done on the spot and it all kicks in. Would I ever love to sit and talk with some of you all in person...just so I don't feel so know what I mean. Thanks for the reply!

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    Wow - I didn't realize it had been that long since I posted. That is so sad for me...I have not beaten it yet and still struggle with it. How are you doing?

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    Hi i am from brazil.
    i suffer from the same issue as you!
    i have been fighting this fear for years... i usually do not
    have any help from other people since they do not understang
    this kind of fear!!! how lucky...
    that is a kind of social phobia. It some times attack me when i am
    alone too. i supose this fear has its roots in my opinions about myself...
    not really about what people will think... i see that i do not like my letter like other people... and i make this thing to be super important.... i really know it is not important but my mind keep thinking as if it is the most important thing in the world...
    if you get a note book and goes home every day writting your name many times will help a little... ansiety is sometimes is associated with this problem. medication could help.. i am trying to find a psyquiatrist to help!
    i hope people tha have this problem could have a solution to be happy!!

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    i do have this issue with me for years. i have to find tricks to distract attention of others while writing or signing. i simply can not write while others attentively watch me. otherwise i m a cinfident person and i have no fear speaking in public or on stage. i m the new member registered today only

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    Smile Re: Fear of writing in public!

    I know this is a really old thread, but in the hopes of helping anyone here; I struggled with this fear for years before admitting it to a psychiatrist (after almost having a nervous breakdown and quitting my job).
    I thought I was the only one and thankfully he had treated several others for the same thing.
    He prescribed Inderal (a beta blocker that blocks the adrenaline that surges when you feel fear). I use a very low dose whenever I am faced with such a situation (imagine I almost didn't marry my dear husband because I was afraid of signing the marriage license).
    10 mg works for me (and it goes up to 80 mg). When I first began using it, I would still feel fear, and then feel the adrenaline block and bingo--no shaking hands. I still feel anxiety (this pharm doesn't eliminate fear or anxiety), but it solved a very debilitating problem for me.

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    btw a general doctor can and will prescribe this (if yours won't find another) because it isn't addictive and has been used for decades. If you are afraid to ask the doctor for it, just tell him you have a social anxiety and fear of performing and you'd like to try Inderal or propranolol (you don't have to tell him what because sometimes they look at you like you're from Mars).

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    Have you tried a tapping technique or imagery to side-track you while writing for a few minutes? I am wondering if this might help?
    "Enjoy Your Life Every Day"

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    Amazing!!so many with this fear.I had it for years,still sometimes.Solution for me was to try sign in public again and again,no matter how stressed i felt.If we stop paying so much attention to others opinion, fear will vanish!A trick also is to talk while you write ,wish to all to get free from such fears and live freely as we deserve!

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    Re: Fear of writing in public!

    I have been dealing with this for years. It brings me so much shame and embarrassment. I can't figure out how to make it go away. I hope I can learn something on how to deal with it on the internet someday.

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