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Thread: help with these horrible tense muscles

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    help with these horrible tense muscles

    does anyone else have this awful tension . It seems to be constant no matter what Im doing or where I am. I go around just waiting for any pain or twinge, or symptom to happen anywhere in my body, and every muscle seems to be clenched. like Ill be doing something, but I cant concentrate because Im too occupied waiting for something bad to happen to me, and my whole body seems to be crunched together so tight. I try to relax my muscles, but then five minuits later I notice im all taught again and of course this is making me feel achey and worn out. I just dont know how to stop it.

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    Re: help with these horrible tense muscles

    Hi Hunnybunny, i have been gettig this. It occurs arounf y shoulders, lower neck, and left arm, then my bloody chest. I attended a massage seesion for the first time the other week and she stated that i was really tense and relaxed my muscles. Afterwards she said that i am going to need another few sessions before i am back to normal and this has all been brought on by not warming up properly priro to going to the gym, the way i sit at my computer and of course the fact that i have been suffreing from anxiety fro the last six months.

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    Re: help with these horrible tense muscles

    Hi Hunnybunny,

    That is one of my worst symptoms! I had back ache once for three weeks, which just wouldn't get better, I kept thinking it was something awful. In the end my doctor suggested physio. It worked wonders! I went again when I had a 'nothing to worry about pain' on my right physio again did wonders and she also uses Reiki in her sessions.
    At the moment my anxiety is through the roof as last Saturday I had a migraine, first one in four years (it was the ones four years ago which gave me HA, or rather I gave it to myself!) so now very anxious, headache for nearly a week, I can feel my muscles tensing up! Doctor given me Beta-Blockers, which make me dizzy, which make me anxious, which make the headaches worse!
    It would be wonderful to have a break in symptoms to gather myself and feel normal!
    I sometimes find myself clenching my jaw so tightly it hurts....!!
    Is there a tried and tested way of instant relaxation? I sometimes find that self massage of my temples and face sometimes work.

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    Re: help with these horrible tense muscles

    Hi All

    Oh my i so do know how you feel i have tense shoulders neck left arm aches back of my head legs accasionally it is awful i have been to and fro to the docs twice this week in fact they just told me i am ok and to relax

    Having probs with my ibs because i can not relax at all

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    Re: help with these horrible tense muscles

    This is me all over at the moment. My left shoulder has been SO tense for the last couple of months. When I feel my shoulder there is a solid lump of muscle there. It has affected my ulnar nerve as well which has meant that I have had strange feelings in my little and ring fingers. Driving me nuts.

    Seeing a chiropractor at the moment, went well the first two sessions and then yesterday I had taken two steps back. It makes me worry as it starts my mind racing that is something more serious. Have physio next week, so I am hoping the combination will knock it on the head.

    So fed up of this anxiety, every time you think you are getting somewhere something seems to knock you back. The worry over my shoulder relapse seems to have brought on indigestion, which is a new one for me.

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    Re: help with these horrible tense muscles

    I used to have the worst problems with this- it was so bad I could barely move my neck / head. I could only roll my eyes over to certain points in the room or I'd had to turn my enitre body as though I was Frankenstein all because my neck and shoulders would seize up from the stress and tension.

    The only thing that ever helped was Yoga. After and hour session it was like a miracle and I could move again. The more Yoga I do the less pain I have likewise if the do less Yoga I have more pain. I had tried everything even accupunture to help with my neck tension but nothing ever helped. Yoga reduces my stress andreally helps


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    Re: help with these horrible tense muscles

    Yes, i'm getting this. My neck, shoulders and arms and even legs ache, have done so for ages.This partly could be to do with bad posture, sitting at the computer, who knows???

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    Re: help with these horrible tense muscles

    My muscles get tense to the point they either seize up (thighs) or contract (neck). Yesterday I was in the centre of a small market town near where I live, it was busy as it always is this time of year and I choked just as I was crossing the road, I have social phobia so I was on my own as usual and the humiliation is the one thing I dread the most.

    The worst thing was that it was near a guy I fancied who works in the town and you could tell it had terrified him, it was heartbreaking to see him avoid me. I do yoga everyday to get rid of tension, and it does but I can't stop the physiological symptoms I get in public that lead to choking.

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