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Thread: coming of CT - new here!

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    coming of CT - new here!

    Hi Everyone,

    firstly i googled 'citralapram cold turkey' and i found this website, let me tell you im so relieved i found it! to find so many people who are feeling the same way as me, phew!

    I have been on 20mg on CT for 2 years now but over the last year I have not felt any benefits from it, after a complete breakdown a month ago i got upped to 40mg which just made me worse so i was weaned off it, not that gradually in fact i took it upon myself to keep lowering my dosage and came off 20mg from friday....and im going thru some serious cold turkey, i felt very suicidal and having frantic thoughts and very teary and now im having these head rushes and terrible anxiety again...i guess i didnt realise they did help with im suffering right now to say the least, my doctor is now putting me on venlafaxine, which im nervous about as i hear they give u more intense suicidal feelings and i just dont want to feel that way!

    i guess im just writing to say its nice to know im not alone, anyone else having similar problems or have been on venlafaxine?

    Kirsty x

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    Re: coming of CT - new here!

    Sorry to hear ya feeling like that, im coming off of cit atm aswell, have only been on it for 3months but it wasnt benifiting me so gp said i should stop, when i went onto cit i found that the side effects were huge, found it pretty hard to leave the house for a few weeks but eventually they started to go away, although never fully.

    Sounds like what your feeling could just be withdrawl from the cit as apposed to how your feeling in yourself, going cold turkey can definately cause this, i am slowly lowering my dose, 5mgs a week, it might be worth you trying this as apposed to going cold turkey.

    As for going on another anti dep, thats what my gp has reccomended but im thinking that im gunna try going for a few weeks without anything and see how i feel. Dont know your reasons for being on cit in the first place but might be worth seeing how you are with no anti deps???? Know that the cit made me feel worse if anything.

    Hope you start to feel more like yourself soon


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    Re: coming of CT - new here!

    hi pete thanks for replying

    It has been crossing my mind about trying to go without anti depressants to see what happens...sometimes i think...what if im actually totally ok off of them?! i see my doc next wed so mayb i will wait til then rather than start fri, i was reading the posts on venlafaxine and it was kinda scaring me! i guess im just gonna ride this out and will see how i do i dont kno how long withdrawl last for but hopefully not too long, i want to feel like the old me again

    kirsty x

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