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Thread: Belles pasley

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    Re: Belles pasley

    it only lasted for 6weeks with me ,but im still sufferng with the after effects of it , my left eye now twitches when im nervous or eating any food , my lip curls up if i shut my left eye , I get shooting pains in my left ear ,and head twinges . I have been told that there is no treatment that will help me and I have to learn to live with it ,but i have become more and more conscious of my eye more and more . My hubby says my left eye is def smaller than the right one and is more noticabe whn im tired .My anxiety keeps telling me that it cant be just bells palsy and that there must be a tumour on the left side of my brain causing me these problems. are you a sufferer?

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    Re: Belles pasley

    yeah i had it, it got me really low think mine has cleared up but at the time wouldnt go out thought i had a stroke when it first happend. I remember my right eye twitching loads watering and wouldnt shut proply.

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    Re: Belles pasley

    Have you been seen by your GP? I see a few people at work with Bell's Palsy - they usually get referred via Ear, Nose and Throat department ...there have been lots of people who have fully recovered and are fine now....

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    Re: Belles pasley

    I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy late June. Mine was trauma from using an electric hedge trimmer over my head for about an hour. I know, dumb idea. With the meds from the ER for a week, my chiropractor keeping my neck in alignment as the nerve got pinched, facial exercises help too.
    I'm still recovering, but it is much better. I just hope and pray for full recovery.
    I'm 55 so maybe my age means a bit longer.

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    Re: Belles pasley

    I had this for about 2 weeks.I was put on steroids and had to go to hospital to have my eyes checked and my hearing, all was ok.It all cleared up,but I do notice a slight weakness in my right eye the side that was affected when Im tired.Some people get it worse than others.I had a severe headache a couple of days after the numbness and I also though I had a stroke at first.Mine started with a metalic taste in my mouth.
    Yorkylover xxx

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