i'm been on cit, for 2 years, side effects are still on going shaking and dizzyness, I started on cit in 2004 for 2 years, started at 20mg eventually up to 60mg, cause of my panic attacks, anxiety plus severe depression, cause the dr says they were not working for me, he changed them and put me onto Venafaxine, which cause me to get really worse, very suicidal, I was on them for about 1 year, then I was put back on cit, and since then still have the shakes and the dizzyness. I did not have the shakes or the dizzyness before starting cit all those years ago, though when the dr stop and change from cit to Venafaxine, the shakes and the dizzyness had stopped. since being back on the cit 20mg eventually up to 60mg, in Jan 09, dr reduced to 20mg to help lessen the shakes, though I still have the shakes and the dizzyness. though when I change over to different meds, i have no affects from with drawel. I have lots of blips, plus I go for counseling every week. since being on cit, I have no motivation, though I'm working on trying to keep postitive, very hard, when it's a fighting battle in my mind. right now I working on staying out of hospital this Jan 2010. I hope so, though I've started to wobble again. wish it would stop.