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Thread: "Holiday heart" syndrome?

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    "Holiday heart" syndrome?

    Although I've slipped up and asked Dr. Google, I do think that I get this problem (and that it's not serious). Apparently in some people, drinking alcohol (or too much caffeine, cold medicine, etc.) can trigger an episode of palpitations, increased heart rate, etc. known as holiday heart:

    This happens to me almost every time I have a drink (average of maybe 4x per month?). Although I'm sure that it is nothing to worry about, it's very disconcerting and it sometimes sets off my panic about cardiac issues generally. I'm a little nervous about the upcoming holidays--my in-laws love gourmet wine and I'm sure there will be more than one bottle on the table for Xmas dinner.

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this kind of problem, and if they found any good ways of staving it off. I plan to drink very little plus lots of water, of course, and maybe try some extra vitamins and a sports drink before I go to bed.

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    Re: "Holiday heart" syndrome?

    hello if you put drinking in search box you will find others who get same thing

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    Re: "Holiday heart" syndrome?

    I have severe holiday heart syndrome. When I drink even a mouth full or so, about maybe half an hour later, my heart goes to 200-250 bpm, my throat tightens up, I get very anxious, my face heats up, I can't get up or move unless I want my heart to beat faster. This lasts till I wake up the next morning.

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    Re: "Holiday heart" syndrome?

    Food in excess does it to me as well as the alcohol, good name for it but sadly it happens at home too, antacids can sometime work.

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