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Thread: Vulnerable Adult

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    Vulnerable Adult

    Hi I need help. A week last Thursday (8th) I was reported as a very vulnerable adult. This was done via the statutory required County Council Social services help desk. Under NHS Policy and the Councils policy within 24 hours someone had to come and assess the level of threat. So far no one has done this and despite intervention by many agencies including Doctors and the Police nothing has been done. This has lead to dozens of medical call outs day and night over the last 6 days and the mental health trust still refuse to act in fact have denied access to the Crisis team in writing. I live totally alone with no family or friends to turn to and the added stress of trying to sort out the system has taken a big toll on my health. Despite many medical Doctors saying my position is totally unsafe the mental health trust whose books I have been on for over two years have refused treatment for over 18 months.

    I cannot find a way to get direct access to the Council Adult Vulnerability team and neither can my Doctors or Police.

    Can anyone suggest any ideas. I have tried just about everything you can think of.


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    Re: Vulnerable Adult

    I don't really know what to advise, but I just wanted to send you a big hug xxxx

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    Re: Vulnerable Adult

    Thank you for the hug. It was needed a lot.

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    Re: Vulnerable Adult

    I don't know what to advise as I've never come across this situation. Perhaps you should go to hospital and explain how you feel and that you need help? I don't know.

    Hope someone here that's familiar with your kind of situation may be able to offer some advice/reassurance.

    I hope you feel better soon and sort things out.

    Never Surrender, Comrade

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    Re: Vulnerable Adult

    aww hope something is done to help you soon! big big hugs

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