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Thread: Just started taking Mirtazapine

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    Just started taking Mirtazapine

    Just started taking mirtazapine thought id post my experiances here so that it may help others ...

    Day 1 - 30mg 10pm Slept VERY well (seemed to sedate me after 30mins), problems getting out of bed, nap at lunchtime. Spaced out completely until 7pm when i started to come round. Was unsure as to whether to take it again on day 2... Felt much worse (down) than before i started taking it.

    Day 2 - 30mg 8.45pm Slept well, woke a few times in the night but Felt less groggy during the day, emotions and thoughts all over the place. Appetitite increased

    Day 3 - 30mg 8.45pm (Ive decided to take it at this time every night) Still quite tired first thing and sleepy at lunchtime. Mood felt quite reflective but generally up and down.

    Day 4 - 30mg 8.30pm - considering a glass of wine tonight, also considering altering the dose (the doc said to experiment!) ... probably not a great idea !

    *Updated 13/01/10

    Day 5 - 15mg 9.30pm - started to feel that 30mg was too much so decided to just take half tonight. Starting to feel more anxious during the day until about lunchtime when it subsides a little

    Day 6 - 15mg 7.30pm - felt extremely anxious all day so decided to take them earlier in the evening - not sure they are having much of a sedative effect but am sleeping ok until the 5/6am ish.

    Day 7 - 15mg 10.00pm - Really thought i didnt want to take them anymore as anxiety levels really high from 5am - 5pm which im was convinced was down to the medication. Seemed a little calmer in the evening but wondering whether these are really for me. Started feeling i shouldnt have gone down the medication route...

    Day 8 - 15mg 8.30pm Slept better, anxiety levels felt more manageable although quite high in the morning

    thats all for now... will update again soon

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    Re: Just started taking Mirtazapine

    Hi. Im on a 15mg dose (was on 40 mg citalopram). Been on it for a month n I have anger issues and its caused me anxiety. Be interested to hear if you do.Gook luck. Hope it helps.x

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    Re: Just started taking Mirtazapine

    Dear Pacman I am also in the mirtazapine club. I'm on 30mg at night. I experienced all the side effects that you describe. Mirtazapine is excellent at alleviating depression. It can increase daytime sedation in the first few weeks. This should lessen after a few weeks. Appetite problems are more difficult as you will put on weight. Try to eat healthily ie low fat and sugar and plenty of fruit and veggies. Are you sure that your GP said you could experiment with the dose? I would think that this is a risky strategy as your body gets used to the levels of the drug in your blood. Let the GP decide how much you should take. Best wishes.

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    Re: Just started taking Mirtazapine

    I also take Mirtazapine (along with other meds). I am currently taking 30mg at night, came down from 45mg last year. I have been quite lucky with Mirtazapine as I have not really had any severe adverse side effects. My appetite went sky high when I first started taking them, but this passed after a short time (thank god).

    I am suprised that your Dr has given you 30mg as a starting dose, they usually start people on 15mg and increase gradually from there. I am even more suprised that your Dr suggested that you experiment with them!! I agree with ElizabethJane that it is a risky strategy. Mirtazapine, like any antidepressent, takes time to work and get the correct amount in your body. The same dose should be taken to maintain the best effect.

    Good luck and keep us informed on how things go xx

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    Re: Just started taking Mirtazapine

    Have felt quite zonked out for the first few days - need some encouragement from those who it has worked for to keep me going

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    Re: Just started taking Mirtazapine

    Dear Pacman all I can say is to keep persevering. The drowsiness will lessen as the mirtazapine begins to kick in and your depression will start to lift. Do not interfere with the dosage I would stick with the 30mg that you have been given. This time I was started with 30mg but I had taken it previously. I am having a blip at the moment so considering going up to 45mg but the psychiatrist has suggested it. If you are not beginning to feel better after a month then that is the time to go back to your GP.

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    Re: Just started taking Mirtazapine

    Day 9 - 15mg Moods up and down,

    Day 10 - 15mg Had a beer today and felt very sleepy, asleep by 9 slept for 12hrs

    Day 11 - 15mg Starting to understand why people put on weight with this, just feel the need to always be picking at food. Mood improved slightly

    Day 12 -15mg, picking at food all day, need to try and keep eating just fruit/veg and not toast+butter. Axiety is reduced, sleeping well and have a general level of calm which is nice. Doesnt feel as false as i thought it might...

    Updates again in a few days...

    Just out of interest do people taper these when they feel better ? How is it done, im assuming no one just stops taking them ?

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    Re: Just started taking Mirtazapine

    I don't think you should just stop taking mirtazapine. You could end up feeling seriously ill. I had horrendous withdrawals when I stopped taking mirtazapine. In my honest opnion you should continue taking mirtazapine for at least six months until some stability is shown. Only then will your doctor allow you to taper them off. 15mg is still considered by some to be a maintenace dose and your doctor may well put you up to 30mg. Two weeks is not a long enough period to say whether you are benefiting from the drug or not. In all cases it is something you should be discussing with your GP or psychiatrist. Never just stop taking a drug without risking serious side effects. Best wishes.

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    Re: Just started taking Mirtazapine

    Hi Pacman,
    Thanks so much for your posting your expierances on Mirtazapine, i'm on 30mgs too. I was wondering why some days i feel so low and down, yesterday was one of them days. But! I did manage to get 6 whole hours sleep last night, woke up a couple of times but not to bad all in all, and not such vicious nightmares either. I can relate to almost everything your saying in your post. I have been finding that sometimes i just don't know what i'm doing. Do you find it affects your memory, as i am finding this, Regards Wayne.

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    Re: Just started taking Mirtazapine

    Hi, just to be clear I have no intention of just stopping them, I was just wondering what others had done once they felt better. And yes I too have memory issues although nothing that ive been overly concerned about.

    Also agree that 2 weeks use (infact its two weeks to the day today that I started taking them) is way too early to feel whether they are making any real difference and i intend to keep taking 15mg for at least a month.

    Generally speaking though, I do feel a little better, anxiety is less, sleep is much better and i feel they have given me the strength to get through these last few tough weeks.

    I will keep posting a day by day account (as long as my memory holds out)

    Thanks for the replies everyone, its good to get others experiances too

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