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Thread: Reducing the Drugs

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    Reducing the Drugs

    Hi, I am now on an every other day come off the prozac, I have been on them for nealy 3 years. reducing from 60mg to 20mg over this period. I have probably made a bad choice coming off of them now, as i have 2 court dates in February, one for contact with my 2 children and one for an acusation of harrasment of my ex wife ( because she has not let me see my children for nearly a year).

    3 years ago I took an overdose of prozac (about 2000mg). I also self harmed ( stabbing myself and breaking my cheek and eye socket). I spent a little while in hospital. I have since met a wonderful girl and we have a little boy. These 2 things and the knowledge that i will see my other 2 children soon, keep me going.

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    Hi darryn h

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