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    Avoiding the slightest thing/things I used to enjoy...

    Does anyone avoid certain things cos they worry it'll make things worse? & I don't just mean going out etc.
    For example, since my anxiety kicked off I have stopped:

    Dying my hair - I've done this for years (since 2004) but now I'm worried my anxiety has done something to my hormones so if I dye my hair now I'll have a reaction & dye. Which is distressing me because I love my blonde locks & want to keep them :(

    Listening to my iPod - Of all things!!! I haven't listened to it since I went the A&E & all this awfulness kicked off. I'm worried a song will come on that'll remind me of then/the awful christmas I had & start a panic attack off or worse I'll hear a song from when I was "normal" & I'll be depressed.

    Watching any TV program I was watching near the time I was sent to the hospital - Mainly for the same reasons as stated with the iPod.

    Walking - Used to walk everywhere for hours a day sometimes, now I barely leave my house incase I get my heart rate up & I take ill outside.

    Having a shower - I have to have baths now because I can't stand in the shower, I worry about exherting myself or going dizzy/fainting/hurting myself...

    Having the heating on - I'm worried about getting too hot & setting everything off i.e heart rate, sweating, feeling faint :S

    Drinking alcohol - Used to go out with mates on a weekend, now can't bear to touch the stuff as I believe it caused me to have a panic attack on xmas eve, even though I only had half a tiny glass of lambrini lol.

    There's just a makes me really depressed that such little things that I enjoyed have been took away from me. I don't know how I can ease myself back into it all.
    Sometimes I just feel like my life is over & I should just die of some awful illness anyway
    Sorry for moaning, I'm having a bad night (again) :(
    'Just decide what you want & then make it happen'

    'You can never win or lose, if you don't run the race'

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    Re: Avoiding the slightest thing/things I used to enjoy...

    yea i know what you that kinda stuff alot..but as much as you prolly hate hearing have to face your fears and prove that youre strong and are not going to take anymore of this crap that your in control can do it, and you deep down know you can..thats what ive had to do..

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    Re: Avoiding the slightest thing/things I used to enjoy...

    sorry lol :-)
    But I used to dye my hair ALL the time. I can't anymore as I panic and think the dye is burning my scalp. :-(
    as for tv, I can't watch certain science fiction things as I panic and worry it'll happen to me! Like movies wit aliens in them! Plus it gives me nightmares.
    I was the same way with showers. I'd worry someone would break in and i wouldn't hear them over the noise of the shower! or i would get dizzy.
    so I only took baths for months.
    I don't drink much anymore, in case I panic and I can't take sedatives with alcohol!
    your totally not alone, most of us are going through the thing at times feeling a tad bit crazy! lol

    I started taking showers again and its so nice :-)

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    Re: Avoiding the slightest thing/things I used to enjoy...

    I avoid taking the stairs at work because it once made me short of breath and started a panic attack. Now I take the lift.

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    Re: Avoiding the slightest thing/things I used to enjoy...

    The list of things that can set me off is endless and even avoidance doesn't always work as my mind seems to be getting increasingly devious when it comes to worrying me. It used to be only the really big stuff that triggered anxiety but as I've become more adept at avoiding such things, I find that smaller and smaller things will do it, tiny little things buried in my subconscious for years. Fun ain't it?

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    Re: Avoiding the slightest thing/things I used to enjoy...

    I try and avoid situations where i know there will be lots of pepole. I dont really go into town any more and cant get on a public bus without taking a panic. I avoid lots of things
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    Re: Avoiding the slightest thing/things I used to enjoy...

    Hi Sal,

    When you are wound up like a spring the slightest thing can set you off.

    However once you start to avoid things, the likliehood is that you'll find more and more things to avoid "just in case" and your life will be seriously curtailed. The worst case scenario is developing agoraphobia.

    You need to ease yourself gradually into doing all those things you used to enjoy.

    The iPod and TV programmes for instance. You can choose simply not to associate them with bad feelings. Swap negative thoughts for positive ones. Remember what is is about the songs/programs that you like. You can take short walks and gradually make them longer.

    My panic attacks were mainly associated with the tube. Avoiding the tube would have meant avoiding work - therefore I simply couldn't afford to make that association - I just had to find a way to work around it.

    As for dying your hair - I have been dying mine since I was 16, I am now 44. I haven't done myself any damage and neither will you. Dyes these days are far gentler and safer then they used to be in any case.

    Best wishes


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    Re: Avoiding the slightest thing/things I used to enjoy...

    never thought it could happen to me but yes, I avoid many things. Can relate to the shower, but also feel faint in the bath...have to have one though!

    I avoid any responsibility, and I mean the smallest responsibility, e.g someone coming round to see me. I can hardly bear to sit for long talking, that makes me in general is becoming smaller and smaller. I know I have to tackle this, but right now, it seems impossible

    Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.
    And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears.
    And how else can it be?
    Kahlil Gibran

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    Re: Avoiding the slightest thing/things I used to enjoy...

    I used to love going to the cinema but haven't been in over 3 years since I was watching Superman Returns and had a massive anxiety attack, I felt like I was going to be sick in a full cinema. I daren't go anymore.

    I also don't like going out to eat, travelling on public transport etc. Just wish I could be "normal" and go about my day like most other people do

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    Re: Avoiding the slightest thing/things I used to enjoy...

    I am an avoider too. I won't even sleep in the same bed because I had a major panic attack there. I sleep on the couch now.

    My friends have planned an outing on Saturday. I picked a quiet restaurant where I knew I might be comfortable. They decided on a different place --huge, noisy and crowded. I don't know if I can do it. My mind is already thinking of an excuse. I haven't been out but three times since Christmas. That's not a place I choose to be, especially if we are tabled in the back. I know I won't handle it.

    I have to go to the doctor in about 20 minutes. That's about all I can do. Idon't even want to go there, but I need my test results.

    I avoid going out to the mail until it's dark. Sometimes I don't go for days. There are so many other things I avoid doing for fear it will set me off. Sometimes even the phone ringing will do it.

    I guess many of us have the same problem. You aren't alone!

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